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Thursday, April 24, 2014

#RoyalTour: The Rose and Crown

Lela Rose, that is! Kate wore this stellar white Lela Rose dress to reception in Canberra, Australia this evening and she dazzled.  I really think I am running out of adjectives to describe this woman's fashion style.

This is the closest the Duchess has come to a bare arm all tour, but somehow she still manages to pull of a modest effect. Her regal style was made complete with a subtle but fancy up-do and a set of sparkling diamond earrings. This just goes to show that modesty is a spectrum, and no matter how one chooses to embrace it, modesty is a lifestyle, not a rule. Kate shows some shoulder, but she is no less the modest woman she was in a completely covered coat dress.

P.S. MAJOR bonus points for anyone who gets the reference in the title of this post; Jane Austen fans should know exactly what I'm talking about.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

#RoyalTour: When Modest Clothes Happen to the Right People

Not many people can pull off head-to-toe green that is completely covered up, but this is another example of a beautiful dress by a great designer (Catherine Walker), expert tailoring, and lastly, a woman with the confidence to wear it.

One thing about the modest dresses and outfits that Kate has chosen on this tour thus far is that the credit goes to the designer. Sure, the woman who is wearing it conveys the message, but the genius is the designer behind the vision. I find it refreshing that designers are taking a modest approach to design, and that Kate is the mouthpiece--or mannequin--for these visions is nothing short of a coup in the world of fashion.

Today in Australia (tomorrow for everyone here in 'Murica) Kate was seen wearing this green coat to an appropriately green engagement, where she planted trees at an arboretum. I wish my days called for planting trees in arboretums in designer clothing, but I guess I drew the short end of that stick, so I suppose I'll have to settle for just watching what happens.

#RoyalTour: And In More Kate News...The Future Queen in Pink McQueen

Sigh. Passover is over, which I am sad to see go, but at least now I can blog on a more consistent basis. silver lining, I suppose although I was seriously getting used to blogging poolside with some Matzah and butter.

While we were all seeking freedom for Passover, Part Deux, Kate was out and about in Australia with her family. I missed some good outfits, so I will do my best to post the best. Most notable is her blush pink Alexander McQueen suit dress that she wore, a dress that highlights her lithe figure and makes us all believe that we can wear pink like that.

I also feel it necessary to bring attention to that HAIR. This is the freshest I have seen her hair yet, and I love the half up-do. Plus, her deep brunette locks against that pale, feminine pink is such a gorgeous contrast. Truly beautiful!

Also seen on the Duchess earlier this week were two other frocks that she has worn before, including another Roksanda Illincic dove grey dress at Ayers Rock and a Hobbs dress she has worn in the past as well.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

#RoyalTour: The Easter Blues and a Little More Eyelet, Too

As I sit here with my ten year old fashionista niece, I can honestly say that one day in the Jewish world equates to at least 5 outfits in the Kate world. Zehava, as the coolest niece is known, is sitting here with me telling me how beautiful Kate looks in all these modest outfits, and is ranking each of her outfits based on how pretty they are. And we all know that the musings of a ten year-old are always the most definitive.

So while we were all celebrating the holy sabbath on this extremely long Passover holiday, Kate Middleton and her lovely family have been touring the southern hemisphere in style. Pardon me while I catch up.

This rundown of modest outfits is based directly on how much Zehava likes them, so take it as you wish.

First up on the list is this LK Bennet stunner. Yes, those famous shoes come from a designer who has taste in clothes as well. This blue and white dress is perfection. And the navy pumps are back! Sigh.

Next up is the Alex McQueen Easter outfit (HAPPY EASTER TO THOSE READERS CELEBRATING!) Kate wore this morning. Does this woman know how to do blue, or what. Am I right?

Next up is a visit to Canberra (been there!) in a royal (ha!) blue (double ha!) dress courtesy of Stella McCartney. The knockoffs of this dress will be EVERYWHERE this summer, I can assure you. Zehava loved how this dress fit Kate and especially how she matched George.

Last but most certainly not least, Zehava loved this eyelet dress, designed by...a designer that did not want to be named! (The nerve) That is not to say that Zehava liked this dress least, it's just so similar to the white Zimmerman dress from the other day, so she though it was best to switch it up. Kate still looks totally beautiful in this dress and I think it;s officially time ot invest in a three-quarter sleeve eyelet dress and nude wedges. 

Friday, April 18, 2014

#RoyalTour: And the Princess Wore White...Again

No, not for the royal wedding. This time the modest white dress Kate was wearing was a white Zimmerman dress that is just the bees knees of perfection. Somehow, Kate's dress has managed to be covered up and modest but still give the free and airy feeling of wearing the lightest dress at all. If only we could all make wearing dresses that are this covered up look and feel this light and easy.

I'm pretty sure Kate just set the bar for womanhood as well. Aside from wearing a perfect silhouetted dress, Kate was seen visiting with and doting on sick children, playing with animals, and running on the beach in what is undoubtedly one of the prettiest pair of wedges ever. Thanks Kate.