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Friday, April 29, 2011

Kate Middleton's Reception Evening Gown

And the stunning just keeps on coming! Another Sarah Burton creation for Will and Kate's evening wedding reception, courtesy of Prince Charles! Ab fab.

Kate Middleton's Wedding Dress

Perfect. Ethereal. Feminine. Classic. Traditional. Elegant. Iconic.

Everything a Princess bride could dream of and ask for in their wedding dress, and lucky miss Princess Catherine (formerly Kate Middleton), is now the most beautiful bride that ever was. An Alexander McQueen (!) gown designed by Sarah Burton, the dress was a long-sleeved, a-line gown that exudes perfection from head to toe!

Her subtle train, modest veil and appropriately gorgeous tiara topped off the ensemble. Kate, you are officially the envy of every woman in the world. And Wills didn't look too bad himself!

P.S. I was pretty spot on. Love it!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

THE Dress

The ROYAL WEDDING is upon us! Only one more day left before Kate Middleton becomes Princess Catherine (please don't ask me why I care so much).

She may have Diana's ring, but one thing this bride will NOT share with the late princess is wedding dress taste. Kate will no doubt continue in her streak of elegance  with 
  • Classic colors (think white or ivory) 
  • Traditional silhouettes (A-line or ball gown) 
  • Little of the frills, fluff and ruffles (simple--less is more!), and above all 
  • MODESTY (yes...sleeves!). 
After all, she is getting married in the most famous Church ever and in front of a bazillion and a half people; aside from past pretense and social etiquette dictating against otherwise, a wardrobe malfunction would be the last thing this bride needs on her wedding day.

To get a feel for what her dress may look like, let's take a look at some of the royal weddings of the past:

The Gold Standard: Grace Kelly

The I-Will-Hate-This-Decision-In-The Future: Princess Diana

The Regal Lady: Queen Elizabeth

The Modern Princess: Ivanka Trump
Shut up--she's realty royalty. That counts.

So here are some elements that Kate will definitely draw from. 

Westminster Abbey is HUGE. She is going to need a dress that will not only be a statement piece that will go down in the history of wedding dresses, but also something that will fill that aisle. Not to mention she will want to accentuate her teeny-tiny waist (yes, envy), so something like this gown may be just up her alley. Classic, modest, enough lace to qualify her for feminine, and almost no sign that she has a torso whatsoever (just like Grace Kelly)

Justin Alexander

Something else that Kate may look to do is add some texture to her dress. Diana went wrong here by thinking that adding more volume to the dress will make it more extravagant (plus it was the 80's--womp womp). All you really need though is to add a little bit of some texture to the fabric while still maintaining its simplicity (like Queen Elizabeth).

Adding texture is simple with beading, draping, layering, rouching and gathering. While I don't think she will get as heavy as some of these, check out the lower halves of these dresses:

Carolina Herrera

An oft neglected part of the dress is the neckline. Most bides just slap a sweetheart neckline on there and call it a wedding day, but with the royals, there has always been something noticeable about that most alluring part of the dress. Modestly will play a role, and expect a hint of dazzle to come in this most focal part of the dress (like Ivanka Trump).

See how the lace and jewels play the most seductive roles in these dresses (while still being modest!)

Vera Wang

Kate will no doubt exude royal elegance, and I think her simple styles and knack for putting on a show just by walking in to a room is all this bride needs. Now, as for the last part of the dress--the TRAIN--who really knows. Diana's train was 25 feet long--can  you say overkill? My gut tells me Kitty Kate's train will be subtle (if she has one at all).

Here are some other details she may try and pull off, but above all SIMPLICITY!

Justin Alexander

Over-the-Top Ball Gown:
Essence of Australia

Jewels and Draping:
Priscilla of Boston

Now, of course, I could be totally wrong (and probably am), but whatever Princess Catherine chooses, I have no doubt she will look stellar. I also have no doubt that there will be imitations Princess Kate Wedding dresses available THE NEXT DAY. 

Enjoy the wedding! MAZAL TOV!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Royal Prints

Get it? Royal Prints/Prince. Yes, I know, I'm hysterical.

Miss Catherine Middleton is no stranger to fashion, and on more than one occasion she has sported some pretty prints that make me coo with delight. And that's what I bring you today.

Kate Middleton in prints:

And now, you!  

Happy almost Royal Wedding, and if you haven't already (ahem, ahem), I hope you all find your own royal prints...I mean prince. Yes, I am a dork. That is SURE to win me over a prince. I'm going to kiss a frog now.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Hats ala Kate

Ok ladies! I know this is probably a bit eccentric and outrageous, but royal fashion would be nothing without the complete and utter ridiculousness (and fierceness) that is hats! I use the word 'hats' loosely because these seem to be more artistic creations that just sit on top of women's heads.

And yet, despite the weirdness of it all, these royal Britons just make it work. Kate Middleton makes these hair and head pieces look awesome. So aside from the fact that I not so secretly want to wear these all the time, I implore you all to break out of your comfort zones and try something crazy. If you're married and you cover your hair, or if you're just a single lady with a free spirit, feel free to take the ultimate liberties with these toppers. 

As seen on Kate Middleton:

And for you:

ASOS Statement Sinamay Bow and Ribbon Fascinator

As seen on Kate Middleton:

And for you:

As seen on Kate Middleton:

And for you:
Rose Feather Headband

As seen on Kate Middleton:

And for you:
ASOS Origami Pleat Detail Sinamay Fascinator with Soft Feather Detail

Up the Antique Hat

As seen on Kate Middleton:

And for you:

As seen on Kate Middleton:

Andy for you:

Plus, check out this website:
Her designs are awesome!

Did I manage to convince you to wear something that for all intents and purposes is ridiculous and useless altogether but is utterly fantastic and whimsical? Good! We could all use a little more whimsy in our lives.

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