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Monday, August 29, 2011

Adele Being Adele...

...which is equivalent to sheer awesomeness! Only can this chick show up to the craziest show in award show history, the MTV VMA's with utter class and modesty.

Her chicness defies the odds and her powerhouse voice a little bit makes me drool. Stellar! And her performance was every bit the masterpiece her voice conveys!

P.S. Those pumps are fabulous!

Check out her hauntingly beautiful performance of 'Someone Like You' below--and check out that other amazing dress. Stay classy, Adele!

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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Modest Hollywood - Profile Katie Holmes

Lately I have noticed that Mrs. Tom Cruise, aka Katie Holmes is uber chic and urban fresh. She transitions so nicely from daytime to nighttime, and her modest attire exudes class with an edgey touch.

She dons staple pieces like a classic black skirt, an essential white button-down blouse and wear-all military coat that are interchangeable and versatile between outfits and seasons.

So, I say, take a cue from Ms. Holmes, that other lean brunette named Kate, and invest in classic pieces that will last you a long time. And never deny yourself a sultry but modest LWD (little white dress).

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Friday, August 19, 2011

The Kindness of Kate (And Will)

In a gesture of compassion and solidarity, William and Catherine, Duke and Duchess of Awesomeness, went to visit the affected areas of the riots in London today.

Now, at the risk of turning such a tragic series of events into an excuse for a fashion show, I feel compelled to show you all the classy attire Kitty Kat showed up in at the Summerfield Community Center in Birmingham, London, because let's face it--that's what I do. Ever the sophisticate, Kate looks prim, proper and slightly military inspired on her visit. Plus, she continues on her navy streak. Keep it up--it works for you!

Anyway, it's the thought that counts, so good on ya, mates! (I think that's an Australian saying, not British but just go with it.)

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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Fashion Craving

Oh my polka dot!

Courtesy of my favorite store ever, ASOS, this is the classiest polka dotted thing I have ever seen in my life and I want it. I need it. Oh baby. Oh baby. (10 points to the person who gets that reference--comment below, of course, if you get it!).

Now, I know this may be a little less on the modest part with that sheer-exposed neckline and sleeve, but I know it will appeal to many of you, and that's why I post it. If you love it as much as I do (and are willing to dish out the big bucks for it--which I am not) then ENJOY!

And remember, ASOS has free shipping both ways, so go ahead and at the very least try it on! You're welcome!

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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Seasonal Dressing

Hello friends!

It's a funny thing about summer-- you never want to be indoors. This poses quite the problem when it comes to blog posting. I guess all those winter months inside was good for my posting...and my sweater collection, of course!

But alas, I have been scant on my posts this summer and that is 147% (a real statistic) due to to the summer.  I am loving every sweltering minute of, but I do apologize for holding out on you all. Luckily today is a day off for me, so I bring you fashion fabulousness!

In honor of my return, I want to focus on fashion that is summer fun and pre-fall fantastic! Yes, pre-fall is considered an ACTUAL season in the fashion world and it's about to hit us big time. It's a time when the office gets a little less summer casual, and knits become slightly heavier than their summer counterparts. It's about mixing the heavier pieces with your lighter summer pieces and making it work.

Today, I bring you dresses for this transitional time. Remember to keep it light for the summer so that you can accessorize with the heavier fall pieces come September.

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ASOS Midi Dress with Frill Waist
While it also comes in red, this gray dress is so summer chic, and picture this dress with a nice boot!

Keep it light with a high heel, and then add black tights to complete for Fall.

Ruched cowlneck dress
Wear with a sandal (like the model) in the summer, and then add a neutral sweater in brown or camel for the chilly Fall months.

Tangerine Flicker Dress
Already in the right color scheme for fall, but still bright enough for summer!

This dress is a transitional piece all on it's own. Feel free to pair it with a cardigan and sandal for the summer, then add a black boot for Fall. 

Early Reservations Dress
Sure, it's easy, breezy and summery, but once you add some heavier Fall pieces, it will fit right in!

ASOS Short Sleeve High Neck Pleated Midi Dress
Color, color, color! A camel colored boot would look stellar with this dress, but pair with espadrilles for these final summer weeks and you will be just as fresh!

Color cblocking is great for both seasons, but add some black opaque tights for some real drama.

Keeping with the summer nautical theme, but with some great Fall colors.

Women's 3/4-Sleeve Maxi Dress
Hold on to the last days of summer with the ultimate trend, a maxi dress, but add heavier pieces to keep warm in the Fall.

Vero Moda Deco Oriental 40s Shirt Dress
Granted the print is a bit dated, but with the right accessories, this floral flows seamlessly into the Fall months.

Again the nautical theme of summer carried straight into Fall with this dress. 

This Mad Men-esque dress will look great with light or heavy covers and accessories. 

Bright enough for summer and muted enough for fall. Perfection

Look familiar? I;ve showed you this one before, and I'll show it to you again. It's classy and chic in either season.
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