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Thursday, August 1, 2013

Shimmery Item of the Day

You know how sometimes you just wanna get a little blinged out and shimmer and shine like it's 1999? I know, me too. Don't worry, you're in good company. This top from Piperlime is like the best thing ever. It's perfect if you are into short sleeves but would look great under a blazer or cardigan (bonus points that the design is on the front only so you won't feel like you are covering up half the shirt you paid for). It hits all the essential colors (ahem, gold) and still manages to be cute and classy. Most of all, it's pleasing to the eye with a trendy but sophisticated graphic. Click the link below to glitter and glow in this top!

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Metallic Meets Dainty

I posted this Piperlime top last week and here it is for viewing pleasure. Simply adorable. It's only $70 and when you order on Tuesdays, it's 10% off. Awesomeness. Is it on your wishlist yet? I love how it could work with a summery airy skirt like this pink one below (get this whole outfit here), but it would look spectacular come autumn with a nice red or orange skirt. Hurrah for versatility!

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