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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Sophisticated Item of the Day

Does it get any classier than this?

I am pretty sure that I have posted this Zara dress in the past, but today I feature it as an item of the day because it's utterly perfect. It covers you up in all the right spots, and even though it is shiny, it's subtle enough to avoid the disco-ball-look/effect. It's sleek shape gives structure and a slightly futuristic feel, while still maintaining the sophistication of timelessness and class. 

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Classic Item of the Day

Can a classic staple ever be wrong? Winter is fast approaching, and nothing says bundled up and warm like a turtleneck. This one from Gap is cheap, cute, and comes is a whole bunch of colors. Plus, are turtlenecks not the quintessential piece of frummie fashion-- it's all covered. OAK approved!

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Maximus Dressus (AKA the Maxi Dress)

It's been pointed out that long-sleeve maxi dresses are very in right now, whereby giving us frummies a chance to fit in with the rest of Hollywood for a little while. In an effort to show you all how accessible these dresses are for your everyday life and not just for celebrities with fancy stylists, here is run down of some great and relatively priced maxi dresses that are modest and tzanua.

There is no limitation to the maxi dress. Fancy it up and wear it to a wedding, or dress it down and wear it for a weekend excursion. Either way, embrace the trend while it lasts, even though we all know modesty is never going to go out of style. Now, I found a whole bunch more than these, so please know that they do exist! Someone out there loves us, ladies. Power to the frummies!

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Show up to a wedding in this little number and you are sure to shine!

More color blocking! Love it. I found in on sale at shopbop!

This one has a slight cut-out in the back, but wear a tank underneath, and you're golden. Love the tie dye effect!

This one is super expensive but it is by far the prettiest one and would be great as a bridesmaid's dress

Definitely more on the casual side, but still a great addition!

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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Cozy/Comfy Item of the Day

Talk about comfy cozy! Today's item of the day comes courtesy of ASOS. It's the cutest little wear-all sweater dress. My favorite part is that there are pockets on this dress, but since it's not a body-hugging dress, the thicker material doesn't add pretend weight on--especially with the pockets, which is always an eye sore on bulky dresses. And it's on sale! Winning!

The cute button detail is an added bonus, and the unstructured lay of this dress makes it work for women of all different shapes and sizes! Finally, the colors are especially apt for Fall and Winter, which makes this dress a must have.

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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Cyber Monday Item of the Day

Happy Cyber Monday, Oakies!  Ah, the joys of having a day carved out simply for stores to take your money. Cute and cheap things are hard to come by these days (thanks, recession), but with Cyber Monday deals floating around cyber space today, you're bound to find one or two items that are worth your while. 

Take this long sleeve tee from the LOFT. Everything today is 50% off. Yes, everything. And if you like comfy and chic, then this shirt is muy perfecto for you! Happy shopping peeps!

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Slub Cotton Tiered Long Sleeve Tee

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Black Friday Item of the Day

Hello friends! How was your Black Friday?? I hope eventful and lucrative!

How was mine you ask? FREAKIN AWESOME!

I didn't go hog wild or nothin --just a few skirts, some accessories, a cardigan. Ya know-- same old, same old!

I shall share with you one adorable purchase from Macy's that I am positively smitten for and am going to make today's item of the day, because it's stupendous. It's a unique skirt from Rachel Roy in that the whole top of the skirt is crocheted sweater material and the bottom half is chiffon and ribbon pleating. I know it may look a little weird to some of you, but it's SO adorable on.

Please take a moment to fall in love... then purchase!

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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Dainty Item of the Day

Remember that pink and silver post I did a couple of weeks back? Well, I found the prettiest pink dress in the whole wide world, courtesy of ModCloth. The pleating makes the dress romantic and dainty and the silver beading along the collar really glams the dress up in a sophisticated way.

Now, I'm not the kind of girl that walks around in such stark pink pieces, so I advocate taming this piece with a silver cover-up (blazer, cardigan), or you can stay safe and just pair it with black in the winter and ivory/white in the summer. Yay for versatility!

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Black Friday 2011!


This is by far one of my favorite holidays of the entire year; family, friends, good food, a parade, football and SALES!  This is my Olympics, the time of year where my shopping skills are put to the test and my ability to get the best bargain shines. I will take GOLD (or rather I may buy gold while it's on sale).

I shall take you on this journey with me and post all the major sales for you fashion freaks out there just like me.

  • Starting Wednesday, November 23, Gap is having a 60% off sale almost everything in the store. That's freakin awesome. UPDATE: Today, THanksgiving Day, get and extra 20% off already 60% off prices with code GAPTHANKS online nly!
  • At Old Navy you can print a coupon online for 10 dollars off a purchase of 50 or more on top of some already door buster deals. Follow the link for the coupon Old Navy Coupon
  •  Macy's is having super sales with an additional 15% off coupon and a $10 off a purchase of $25 or more to be used on either Friday or Saturday. Follow the link to the catalogue where you can print the coupon Macys Black Friday Catalogue and Coupons
  • Lord & Taylor is having a huge sale with a 20% off coupon (25% off fine jewelry) and an additional one-time use $20 off shopping pass (on a purchase of $40 or more) from 5 AM to 1 PM. Follow the link to print out the savings passes Lord & Taylor Savings Passes
  • Bloomingdales is having their Big Brown Bag Sale with 25%-40% off merchandise (20%-65% off Home items and 50% off fine jewelry).
  • Both Ann Taylor and Loft has 40% everything in their store.
  • New York and Co. is having a huge sale with 50% off everything in the stores through Sunday, November 27.
  • At Lulu*s online use the code BLKFRI to get 15% off starting Wednesday, November 23.
  • H&M will be having $5 fashion finds, and Forever21 will be having their Yellow Tag Deals.
  • Urban Outfitters has free shipping on all online orders, and they are having a huge in-store sale as well.
  • JCPenny is also have rockbottom prices, and there are three different coupons as well. Follow the link to see the flier with the passes JCPenny Savings Passes
  • Express is having a Buy One Get One sale and is having sitewide 40% off.
  • Anthropologie is having 25% off merchandise.
  • Tis the season at ModCloth (online) where merch is 50% off, including some new arrivals!

Monday, November 21, 2011

Avant Item of the Day

I am so smitten with this item of the day!

Before you get all up in my face about this looking like a doily, take a moment to reach beyond your comfort level and embrace avant garde. Sure, this top is not conventional, and wear it alone, and you're bound to get a few whistles from the construction guys (but that'a blog of a whole different color). Lucky for us, this model took the liberty of layering a long-sleeved top underneath, thereby giving you the perfect visualization of the awesomeness that is this cutwork top. I know this won't necessarily appeal to all of you, but I say let your freak flag fly!

The scalloped edge work is exquisite and it really is a statement piece that can va-va-voom up an outfit without getting too scandalous. LOVE IT.

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OAKie Tip Item of the Day

So I originally had another Item of the Day picked out for today, but thanks to a loyal and faithful follower (holla @ Elisheva!) I will post the tip she sent me as today's item.

Now, because you are all frum Jewish girls, I am going to assume you got no less than 3 different emails today from Gap, Banana and Old Navy informing you of their 35% off sale today. Use promo code MERRY at checkout for the discount. This wear-all skirt is perfect for casual everyday use (and by "everyday", I mean every single day) and it's a pencil skirt so it's super flattering for every figure.

Now everyone go buy it and don't forget to thank Elisheva!

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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Holiday Item of the Day

Who said the gentiles had to have all the fun? If there is anything we Jews know how to do, it's party! Therefore all holiday attire is as applicable to us as much as it is to any other. Imagine walking into a Chanukah Party and lighting up the room (pun intended) with this sequin number. 

It's more unstructured, so you can count on it to hide a multitude of sins...including the thirty latkes you ate. But you had applesauce with them, and that's practically health food, so all's well that ends well!

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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Modest Hollywood

So. Many. Favorites. Just can't choose! Jessica Alba rocks the comfy chic; I would like to live in her outfit. Faith Hill and Charlize Theron are white hot, Natasha Bedingfield and Nicole Richie stellar and classy in bright hues, and Emma Stone is a neutral goddess! And J-Hud and Jessica Biel are fierce in black. Don't make me choose, people!

I will have to concede though and give my OAKie award this week to just two ladies: Jessica Alba and Emma Stone! Mazal tov! (This means nothing).

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Jessica Alba
This is my favorite, favorite, favorite outfit! It could be the rockin bod, the fabulous coif, or the stunningness that is Jessica Alba, but I want this outfit in a bad kind a way.

Charlize Theron
Can she do no wrong? Being the most beautiful blonde since Grace Kelly probably doesn't hurt.

Emma Stone
One of my favorite ladies in Hollywood looking nothing short of perfection! This outfit is chic, sophisticated, and covered. LOVE IT!

Laura Bush
Classy lady. I wouldn't wear it myself, but I love this woman.

Amy Adams

Faith Hill
That hair is super pageant-y--emphasis on the super--but that's country for ya. 

Natasha Bedingfield

Mia Wazikowski
Slightly too hipster/vintage-y for my taste, but modest is modest.

Evan Rachel Wood

Nicole Richie
She is so awesome--emphasis on the awesome--but that's true style for ya.

Brooklyn Decker

Salma Hayek

Anna Farris

Jessica Biel

Nikki Reid

Jennifer Hudson

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