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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Hello from PARIS!

Hey ladies an gents!!

I just thought I would grace you all with my presence while I have a viable Internet connection.

Paris is, in a word, AMAZING! The fashion here is out of this world, and the shopping is...more than I can afford. Sad face.

Important to note that every single French woman has a fur coat here. Seriously, it's like PETA's worst nightmare walking down the street. I'm not a fur fan myself, but these coats are apparently common place for girls and women of all ages. Need a scarf? Grab a mink. That's the way it goes, I guess!

While I am soaking up my last day in this most gorgeous of cities, I hope you are all missing the hell out of me. Fear not, I shall return soon.

Au revoir,

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Everything That's Wrong With Hollywood in One Picture

A sign of our times.

Ostentatious. Gaudy. Overtly sexual for no apparent reason. Paris Hilton. Gross.

This "card" is the reason I started a blog about frum fashion; there is no reason a retro-looking celebutard who is famous for absolutely nothing be sprawled across the internet in nothing more than negligee while sitting on a throne. Unacceptable.

There is this little thing called 'class', Paris, and you haven't got it...and it's certainly not something you can buy online through a link on this blog page. When you are ready to get classy, come back to me.

Can I get an amen?

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Another Perfect 10

Hey Kitty Kat,
What did I say about being so perfect? Stop it.
I want that dress. And those heels. And that prince.
Utter fabulousness.
Look, Prince Harry, I'll be in your neck of the woods this week, so give me a call. I'll settle for third in line to throne. Kate and I would make famous sisters-in-law, although, FYI Kate--I shot first dibs on crown choice.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Fashion Craving

I am taking donations.

So I don't know if you all know, but I will be heading to grande ol' Paris in less than a week! I know what you are thinking...they will hate me there. I'm aware.

During this brief hiatus from blogging (sorry!), I will be spending insane amounts of US dollars on french clothing, and can therefore not spare a dollar--or euro. The unfortunate part of this story is that I have fallen in love with this 3.1 Philip Lim dress, and I want it.

I am literally drooling right now.

(I know that the back is a bit revelaing, but I kinda like it--plus I'm super creative and can rework the hell out of that back. Try me.)

The problem is that the price of this dress is so redonkulous (read: ridiculous), that the price not only shoots through the roof, but it hits Santa's sleigh and his reindeer on that trajectory, and ruins the mystical overnight present delivery. I have single-handedly ruined Christmas for Christian children the world over simply by wanting this dress. You see my dilemma.

For anyone who would like to buy me this dress, I will forever be indebted to you. As will all the Santa-loving children of the world.

So save a smile this holiday season and buy me this dress. And while you're at it, buy one for you too.
It's a mitzvah!

Merry shopping.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Long and Short of It

I must say that when I was younger, I hated being short. Now, I find that the whole damsel-in-distress, "Oh, that shelf is ever so high, whatever shall I do?" thing is totally awesome. But alas, it does have it's drawbacks--for one, not being able to actually reach the shelf. Then there is the whole Maxi dress issue. I love me some long dresses and skirts, but being the petite little Jewess that I am, I look ridiculous swimming in a dress meant for the leggy-inclined. 

Frankly, my dears, I don't give a damn, so I am going to promote maxi dresses anyway. Here are more than a few celebs (petite ones at that!) who have been sporting the maxi dress/gown, and now you can get it too.
Victoria Beckham

Beau Garret

Olivia Wilde

Kristen Ritter

Isabelle Lucas

Kate Bosworth

Wanna maxi up your style? Try these, some of which are fancy, some not. Many are low cut, but use your discretion in how you want to cover up.Clearly, this is more of spring/summer attire--Dear winter, I hate you. Moving on.

This dress is STUNNING, especially if you are going to need a dress as a bridesmaid. I included a detail shot here because it is just so damn pretty.

Pretty. I would get those sleeves adjusted, but otherwise, perfection.

This is so simple and pretty, that it's too good to pass up. It also comes in three colors. Score.

I once showed you guys this one in black, but here it is in the lighter version.

Me-ow. Love it.

Can you tell I am a fan of ASOS? They have the cutest clothing known to womankind. And free shipping both ways. Feel free to browse other stores, and if you need recommendations, I am at your service. To all my tall ladies, this post was for you, because you pull this off ten times better than I ever will.

Btw, if there are any fellas in the house who wanna help me reach that shelf, that would be great. I really am short--but you know what they say:  

Great things come in small packages.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

I Thought We Discussed This, Bradley

I just threw up a little in my mouth. No, it's not because I took a sick day from work today, it's because Brad Pitt decided NOT to heed my advice and wear leather. Again. Gag reflex kicking in. 

Lifestyles of the rich, famous, and fashionably retarded. This is what happens when you have too much money people. Since when were velvet-gloved sleeves ok, Angie? Right, didn't think so. 


Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The Royal Touch

Oh Kate Middleton, how I envy thee so.

So I dunno if ya’ll know, but there be a little lady up in England who got herself a prince, and her name is Kate Middleton. Now, I am just commoner, but I know royal style when I see it, and Kate has all the trappings (I sounded British there, didn’t I) of a true princess. Her etiquette and class far exceed an equal in her years, but above all her modesty shines brighter than all.

And I’m not just talking about clothing, although we will get to that in a minute—the future Queen of England (uch, jealous) has been dating dear William for 9 years, and has handled the fame, paparazzi, and hullabaloo that comes with being attached to a Windsor with such grace and humility that she seems too perfect. She must be a robot.

And as for her wardrobe. It speaks for itself.

So you wanna dress like Kate Middleton?  I can’t guarantee that you will nab a prince, but I can guarantee you will be walking in royal style. So grab a scone and some tea, and pay attention.

Just FYI, Kate did her own make-up for her engagement photos. Stop. Being. So. Perfect. You really are making the rest of us women look bad. She wore a Nanette dress for her formal shot, and a blouse from Whistles (in London). Mind you, both are from her own closet and both are from past seasons--the blouse is from 2008.

When Wills and Kate announced their engagement, Kate wore this now infamous blue Issa dress, which sold out in London in less than 24 hours. She looks like a raven haired Barbie. (She did her own make-up for this appearance as well.)
 You can actually buy this dress too from here at  Net A Porter, and you can dress just like the princess herself. The dress is on my To-Get List...right below 'my own prince'.

Crazy hats aside (which are actually kind of endearing), Kate's flowy dresses and structured blazers are a perfect balance of sweet and sophisticated. ( The arm candy ain't too bad either.)

Try this blazer from Urban Outfitters. It has spectacular detailing and is not too heavy looking.
Pair it with a flowy dress like this one from Diane on Furstenberg to make it a truly royal outfit.
Apparently, not only is Kate stunning, but she knows how to have fun too, without pulling a Lindsay Lohan when walking out of the cubs. She clearly doesn't take herself too seriously here--large prints on dresses always make for a fun princess.
Try these dresses from Anthropologie.
Someone is taking a cue from the frummie contingent, and is sporting some black tights with black boots and a lot of other black. Lucky for Kate though, she takes bold prints and adds some color to her outfits. I've said it so many times, so take a cue from me too, k?
This skirt from ASOS (which sells the Brand Whistles btw--it's a British company) is cute. That leggy model probably does not do the knee length action justice.
Talk about the epitome of effortless chic! I saved the best for last because I have no words to sum up how much I love this outfit. Kate, can I please be you? That chiffon looks like chocolate to me in that I need it now.  I believe I have failed you, my dear readers, because I cannot even find pieces online that remotely emulate this outfit, but what I can tell you is to focus on keeping things neutral to be effortlessly chic, because the main pieces (sweater, necklace, bag, etc.) make a loud statement. Grays are huge this season, so take advantage of that; plus you already know my sentiments about things that glitter.
Dear Kate Middleton, I wish you an William much nachas on your engagement and upcoming marriage. I hope that women the world over take after your impeccable style, and I hope that you somehow read this blog and give me your hand-me-downs. AMEN.

P.S. I won't say no to a wedding invitation. 

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

On The Last Night of Chanukah, Beyonce Got For Me...

Hello, exquisiteness. 

Beyonce Knowles just modeled this work of art for Tom Ford, and nothing says bright like this stellar showpiece. Granted, her make up is a little scary, but I'll let it slide on account of the fabulousness that is this dress. Safe to say it's way out of my price range, but I do believe in miracles.

I hope you all had a Happy Chanukah, and may all your days be as bright and miraculous as this dress! 

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

How To Wear The Same Skirt For Ten Days

This post is a slight variation on the movie 'How To Lose A Guy In Ten Days' in that it is nothing like the movie whatsoever. I am, however, extremely talented at losing a guy in 10 days. I've even managed to set the record to 4 days. Beat that Kate Hudson.

We all know times are tough, so in an effort to be economical, I propose wearing the same skirt everyday for 10 days and changing up all your other pieces to make 10 new, amazing outfits. Since I already do wear the same skirt to work 10 days in a row, I am speaking from experience when I tell you it can be done. pièce de résistance. I not only live in this black skirt from Gap, but it is officially my best friend. It's the most comfortable item of clothing I own,  it's a bit higher-waisted, so cinches nicely, and goes well with structured or flowy tops alike. In other words: Perfect.
Everyday I pair this little sucker with another top, different tights, different shoes, and different accessories (I know--thank GOD I have a job). So, choose this skirt, or another and get ready to have two weeks worth of fabulous outfits at your disposal---with only one skirt!

DAY 1:
This top from ASOS is ridiculously amazing. Pair it with a black turtleneck underneath (or Kiki-Riki) for an even more covered (and warmer in the Winter) look. Pair with a black tights and heels for perfection.

DAY 2:
This longer cardigan from ModCloth would look fabulous belted over the skirt. Pair with a charcoal tight and black boots. 2 for 2.

DAY 3:
Tuck this cuteness from Forever21 into your lovely skirt, and try a wine colored tight in the winter with some black boots for a more whimsical take on your work day.

DAY 4:
Pretty doesn't need to be hard--just try this shirt form ASOS, and top it off with a black cardigan if you get chilly in the Winter, because that material looks a bit thin. (I did not come up with the name of this blouse, but I kinda like it.)

DAY 5:
You know I love sequins, so I simply couldn't resist showing you this cardigan from New York & Co.
Heels and black tights make this the cutest outfit ever.

DAY 6:
There is no way you can go wrong with a classic white button-down shirt. Emphasis on classic. Try this one from Banana Republic.

DAY 7:
Want some color? Try this combo from The Loft. Make sure to tuck that flowy shirt in, and minimize your accessories here, because there is a lot going on already. Feel free to tone down the color of the blouse underneath for something more muted, but remember not to shy away from color.

DAY 8:
I am so smitten with this top. Totally adorbs! If you want to get "Oh, you look so cute today!", buy this top.

DAY 9:
Try a flowy tank and loose cardigan like this combo, both from Forever 21. Points in the office for looking smart with those glasses. Try and add a lot of accessories to this one because the neutral colors can be plain looking.

DAY 10:
We've made it to the last day, and while your options are limitless, you can choose from this last piece. This Tory Burch Cardigan screams out loud, but paired with your black skirt, it will look tres chic.
'Liesa' Contrast Print Merino Wool Cardigan

I really hope you liked the selection. I also really hope you shower in between every outfit, because wearing the same skirt 10 days in a row can get a bit smelly. Enter Febreeze. Just sayin.


Monday, December 6, 2010

Modest Hollywood

I am not giving all of them an A+ (ahem, Anne Hathaway and Amanda Peet--you two should know better than to dress like that) but these Hollywood celebs are certainly modest. I'm especially impressed by the classy use of lace by Kate Bosworth, Kirsten Dunst (she never looks good, so this is a change!), and Nicole Kidman. Brava ladies, for getting it right!


Not a fan, Anne. Not a fan.
Anne Hathaway

Even though it's after labor day, I'll let this one slide. You wear white well, Kate Bosworth.
Kate Bosworth

Julianna Margulies

What. Were. You. Thinking.
I can see your slip, Amanda Peet. And your dignity. Look, there it goes.
Amanda Peet

Almost didn't recognize you looking normal, Kirsten Dunst.
Kirsten Dunst

Where have you been, Nicole Kidman--welcome back to the fashion A-List. You've been gone for quite a while.
Nicole Kidman

Selita Ebanks

Always classy.
Christina Hendricks
Modest Fashion Network