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Monday, October 29, 2012

Hurricane Sandy Survival Kit

I know it may be a bit late to post this now, I felt that now that you are all cozied up in your homes, you can search online for the proper attire for a hurricane. Not that I advise you to go outside--in fact, it's the opposite; I encourage you to sit down, relax, and shop online for clothes that you would only theoretically wear were you outside right now. Plus, I am bored as anything right now. Just remember to stay safe!

Let's start with coats. Trenches, raincoats, ponchos. Whatever your choice of cover, make sure you do it in style. Here is a rundown of some #HurricaneSandy approved coats for your staying-dry needs.
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Love a classic trench. You really can't go wrong with one, and this lighter version is perfect for a rainy day like today. Lighter colors do tend to be more favorable for the springtime rains, but there is nothing that can stop you from donning this with a great pair of boots. I let.  

A bit more sporty and a great anorak for the pummeling wind and rain that this Hurricane is sending out way. You may wanna bundle up with a sweater underneath, but protective anoraks are perfect for keeping your great and fabulous clothes dry. 

Another classic. A short trench. But this one's got a twist with that powerful orange pop. Let's just say, if you got lost or needed a rescue responder to see you from your roof, this is the coat you want to be wearing.

The North Face is the standard in outerwear protection and while trenches and jackets are great, nothing is more stylish than being safe and protected. This is the ultimate in Hurricane outerwear.  And it comes in a bunch of cute colors!

Here's that darker camel color that will suit the fall color scheme on these October rainy days. There is a reason that ASOS called this one the "Classic Trench". PS it comes in black too. Classic.

If style is more your concern, this rain jacket is perfect. It doesn't have a belt like a normal trench and has not buttons on the exterior, but it's as trendy and classic as raincoats can get.

A classic plastic jacket? It's the material of all water-resistent materials. You'll be safe in this, rest assured.

It's yellow and it's a poncho. I mean if you are in an amusement park on a rainy day, this would be your go-to, but it will work for a yucky day like today too. 

There is nothing more essential in a raincoat than a hood. I mean, it's kind of essential, and what makes this coat great for a day like today is the layers. Hurricanes are normally tropical and warm weather storms, but with Sandy combing with a winter storm from the west, this superstorm is making for a cold and ugly day. Layer up.

It's a slicker. ANything with that word in it automatically qualifies as awesome. Plus, that navy patent trench seems highly effective in repelling that rain.

Next let's work on rain boots. I personally find them to be a nuisance, but you can deny that on a day like today, with Sandy rearing her ugly head that the rain boot is a wardrobe essential.

It appears that when the weather sucks, we ladies like to stick to the basics and the classics. Enter Hunter wellies. The ultimate in rain boots, Hunter is fit for a Princess. Literally. Kate Middleton loves Hunters. And if it's good enough for the future queen... And again, Hunters come in just shy of every color. 

Burberry. That's all.
Yellow wellies! Another classic. 

These would go great with any of the trenches above. Water protection and style. Perfection!

This is one bad-ass rain boot. You could certainly kick Sandy's ass with this boot. 

These are festive and fall appropriate. Love them.

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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Blingy Item of the Day

Understated elegance with just a touch of fabulosity. This DKNY top is the perfect white piece for your winter wardrobe. It's got the frosty look like you walked in from a snowy night and are ready for hot chocolate and marshmallows, but is still light enough to seem light and effortless. The bejeweled collar makes for a glistening night of fun wherever you wear this top to. Three words that are not so frum, but are very appropriate given the weather: Tis the season!
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Monday, October 22, 2012

Avante Garde Item of the Day

Fierce! That's the only word that can describe this dress! I know this will not be conducive to all you modest ladies out there, but I know it will certainly strike a chord with many of my loyal readers and so I felt compelled to post it. There may be a lot in terms of trends going on here between the lace, the feathers, the see-through top, but somehow this dress just works. It's got a great color that will make you feel really beautiful and fancy. Live a little in a dress like this, and if it doesn't quite meet your needs, you can always have the top lined. There is no fashion we can't make modest, ladies.
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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Modest Hollywood

Collars galore! That's right, collars. Talk about the modest cherry on the top! I mean, collars are almost strictly in the Super Orthodox Jewish/Amish dress code realm, but suddenly they are everywhere! ANd I'm giving my OAKie of the week award to a one Miss Emma Stone for rocking that pink and white-collared awesomeness. Gotta give props to all the women of the Chanel crew who astound from here to eternity, but there is something charming and wonderful about almost all these these ladies! In fact, there is not one woman on here that does not shine in her outfit. Proof that less is always more.

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Alexa Chung

Elle Fanning

 Leigh Lezark

Linda Evangelista

Miroslava Duma

Victoria Beckham

Busy Phillips

Jenna Fisher

Rachel Zoe

Pippa Middleton

Marion Cotillard

Sophia Bush

Leona Lewis

Helen Hunt

Leighton Meester

Dianna Agron

Christina Hendricks

Emma Stone

Naomi Watts

Octavia Spencer

Jamie King

Allison Janney

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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Oxblood Item of the Day

MEOW! Gotta love a good leather item, and this fall season it's ALL about leather. That is why this fabulous burgundy - or as everyone else is calling: Oxblood- leather skirt from HM is the perfect addition to your fall wardrobe. Leather is the 'Fifty Shades of Grey' of the fabric world-- there is this sense of power-with-a-hint-of-forbidden-fruit aspect to it which is why it's a bit more unconventional. Leather used to be seen on celebrity fashion police as 'why would she ever wear that' kind of stuff, but now that leather has gone mainstream, it is tailor made for the everyday woman (or inner vixen-- however you choose to label yourself). I like that this skirt is not black; the oxblood is softer and less intimidating, and it will be perfect to match all your fall sweaters, shoes and accessories. So let's review: leather trend, check; oxblood trend, check; dominatrix trend, check. You're set. Go take over the world now.
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