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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Daring Item of the Day

OK, so before I get thrown blows for this top, know that this is for some of the less conservative ladies-- I wouldn't post something though that I know my readers won't like, so while this may not apply to everyone, I think many of you will still be interested. This sheer top blouse is a bit more revealing than halachically allowed, but I think that depending on comfort level, this top can totally work. Additionally, if you do totally love it but are not a fan of the sheer, I recommend wearing a thin shell underneath. you can't deny how adorable this top is!
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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Lace Item of the Day

A lace blazer? Yes! It's rue! This ultra feminine white blazer is the ultimate in the summer coverup. Wear it with fancy clothes to shul, or profesh this up by wearing it to work with a great pencil skirt. Make it casual with a maxi dress or a cute summer dress underneath, and you've got all your bases covered for summer! I love this for every and any outfit you've got, so make sure you get a blazer just like this! Simply love love love!
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Monday, May 28, 2012

Modest Hollywood

Yay for modest Hollywood! In my absence, there has been many a celebrity lady who has sported a modest frock-- or two, as you will see below-- and it has made my little fashionista heart flutter with delight. These ladies were up to ALL good while I was away! I mean, it's one thing to wear something covered up once, but twice in such a short amount of time!? Proof that this trend is not a trend but a fashion statement.

Hands down, this week's OAKie goes to model Barbara Plavin for that metallic chevron dress with braided detail--blows my mind! I'm totally loving all the prints these ladies dared to wear, but I also see a lot of red below-- apparently this was a good time to be dressed in black and white and red all over!
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Barbara Plavin

Aishwarya Rai

 Diane Kruger

Jane Fonda

Kristen Bell

Paula Abdul

 Tilda Swinton

Alicia Keys

Charlize Theron

Kelly Osbourne

Kim Kardashian

Maya Rudolph

Milla Jovovich

Katherine McPhee

Nina Dobrev

Pippa Middleton

Vanessa Williams

Ginnifer Goodwin 

Kristen Stewart

Rachel Bilson

Friday, May 25, 2012

Rockstar Item of the Day

So I've officially found my ultimate look-- maxi skirts with motorcycle leather jackets. If you check out my Pinterest board Looks I Love, you'll notice that some of my favorite looks involve a nice leather jacket and a maxi skirt. It's just so rockstar. This faux vegan leather motorcycle jacket from Free People is the perfect cheaper alternative to achieving this look. You can buy it from Free People by clicking on the link below, or get it on Zappos here on sale! The cropped look is especially perfect for summer, and it looks much better with higher-waisted maxi skirts.

Are you a rockstar chick yourself? Like, can you actually sing and rock out? Here is the perfect website for musically inclined women: . It's a musical website that sells instruments, accessories and products geared totally toward girls and females -- spelled grrls with two R's for Rock and Roll. If that's not rockstar, I don't know what is! So go get yourself this jacket and pick up a guitar or something.If you get signed to a label or something, I'm totally taking credit.
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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Colorful Item of the Day

OK, so I know I never post items that are outrageously expensive, but today's item is not one of them. This pricey top from Alice and Olivia was too adorbs to pass up though! It's business in the front and party peplum in the back! I know many and most of you will not buy this top because of it's price but here are your options: a) wait till it goes on sale, b) sell your first born child, c) use it as an example and buy one like it, d) make it yourself. Good luck with all of those options seeing as a) brand names never go one sale, b) first born children are kind of a big deal to most people, c) knockoffs have the potential to be made poorly, and d) if you can make it yourself, you are already rich for charging almost $300 for a top, in which case you can afford this no problem. I know what you're thinking-- what would you do without me, right?
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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Metallic Item of the Day

I especially love posting items that I have purchased and/or own myself, which is why I bring you this item today. If you read back to my Israel post from yesterday, you'll see I mentioned a Mango skirt that I bought for what I thought was only two dollars; alas, it was $70, but to my complete and utter delight, I got it cheaper in Israel than it is here in America. SUCCESS!

This metallic mango skirt is the epitome of comfort and glam, and it looks so fluid and shiny. It has an elastic waistband, so this skirt could be worn up high or down low--wherever you prefer. It can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion: for example, I tried it on with a white tank top and a denim jacket jacket for a mare casual look, but then switched it to a fancy sequin top for night time. Totally versatile!
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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Cotton Item of the Day

A knee length pencil skirt that's got a really pretty design should never be overlooked. Oh gee, look what I found-- a knee length pencil skirt that's got a really pretty design.  I picture this skirts with a white button down a a great pair of heels for Shavuot, no? Luckily this skirt is cotton, so it will make for a very comfortable summer skirt. Be daring and pair it with a neon belt for some true pop!
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My Israel Run Down

Now that I'm back from the holiest and most awesome place in the world, I figured I would give you a fashion run-down of what this trip was like. I've been to Israel just shy of a zillion times but I never fail to take away a few small gems of wisdom with me; most of the time they have to do with Israeli or Jewish history, but this list is a little taste of the fashion wisdom I garnered on this excursion. Take from it what you will, but I'm 99% sure many and most will agree with me. PS how awesome is this picture I took below.

1. I adore Israeli weather. I prefer heat to cold, sun to snow, and flowy clothing to being bundled-up. With that said, I should mention that no amount of outfits will ever be enough to bring to Israel seeing as you sweat through almost everything after being in the sun for no less than four seconds. Note to self: must adapt to Israeli heat or else clothes will suffer.

2. The Gap in Israel charges double the price it does in America. That's a challenge to me. It’s like: ‘Oh ya? You’re going to charge me double for something I can get on sale in my own country? Well take that, Israeli Gap! I just bought a 30 dollar dress for 60 bucks.’ Suckers.

3. Blue and white is always in style.

4. Israelis LOVE color. I love Israelis. I also love color. This makes for a totally great math equation, but unfortunately I hate math. It’s too black and white for me, ya know? (Did you catch that joke there?) Suffice it say, Israel is way more colorful than America and I love it.

5. To me, shekel is play money-- monopoly money if you will; 400 Shekel means absolutely nothing to me-- as far as I'm concerned, everything in Israel costs two dollars...including that Mango skirt that I found out actually cost me $70. Oops.

6. Israelis were wearing maxi skirts waaaay before we Americans were. I think they deserve a pat on the back for that one there. Their banking hours, not so much, but maxi skirts for sure.

6. FACT: It doesn't matter what you're wearing, if you are speaking Hebrew in an Israeli accent you are automatically hot, gorgeous, and sexy.

7. Sandals are always 100% suitable for walking shoes in Israel. Disclaimer: awkward sandal tan lines will happen.

8. Contrary to popular belief, Israelis have a totally awesome sense of style and fashion. There were at least 17 women that I counted who I would have stolen the clothes straight off their backs for myself. Then I thought about the whole sweating thing and thought better not.

9. It's incredible how ridiculously stylish and fashionable uniforms are in Israel. Every single person looks awesome in their uniform regardless of the job they are performing. Try and say that about an NYC MTA worker. Didn't think so.

10. Two weeks in Israel is NEVER enough!

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Monday, May 21, 2012

Button Down Item of the Day

That's right! I'm back! I would like to say I am better than ever, but alas, jet lag is a bummer, so if this post is not exactly coherent, it's not my fault. My last Piperlime item post seemed to be a resounding success with 5 different people contacting me to tell me they bought the item and loved it, so I figured why not try again. This blouse it summer fresh and cool, but can even work for the later Fall months as well. It's light but structured, and the print is cute but subtle. This is totally work appropriate tucked in to a skirt, but untuck it after along day for a more casual and loose feel. Plus, it's only 50 bucks! Love it!
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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Kate Middleton: Hero Among Women

Sorry for the alte post, but I'm in Israel on vacation which severely limits my posting abilities. But oh my. Kate Middleton is quite possibly the most fabulous human being in the world today. Aside from all the other fabulous people in the world today, of course. But seriously, this chick can pull off the stuff  Godesses wear, and this Roland Mouret gown is th perfect example. Admire, love, and adore.Repeat.
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Kate Middleton

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The Met Ball - Best and Worst Dressed

Just like the Oscars, the Met Ball deserves a best and worst dressed list of its own. Far be it from be to be the presumptuous blogger who judges these fashionable women, but eh, what the hell-- I'll do it anyway. The following ladies are my best and worst dressed of the 2012 Metropolitan Museum of Art Gala Ball; while there were many more ladies who were more daring and fashion forward, it's these ladies that I liked the best.
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None of these are particularly avante garde-- they are simple, classy and perfect, as are the women who wore them. These best dressed are the ones who not only wore their gowns well, but had the whole look from head-to-toe down.

Camilla Belle in Ralph Lauren
She looks classy edgy and old-hollywood stunning in Ralph Lauren. That deep-hued lipstick in enchanting (and kind of 90's, but still wonderful).

Dianna Agron inCarolina Herrera
She has to be one of the most stunning human beings on the planet. This jewel tone gown is perfect  on her, and her head-to-toe look is flawless.  

Tory Burch, Rashida Jones and Brooklyn Decker in Tory Burch
Some of my 3 favorites of the night! All decked out in Tory Burch, these dresses are ethereal, gorgeous and I want them all now. Brooklyn Decker blows my mind, and Rashida looks ever the girl in that floral gown. As for Tory, she looks so fresh and original-- LOVE IT!

Sofia Vergara in Marchesa 
This is by far one of the most amazing dresses that ever was on one of the most amazing bodies that ever was.

 January Jones in Versace
This yellow dress is one of the most fantastic things I have seen in forever. L.O.V.E.the colors, the peek-a-boo cutouts, the sharp lines and the lemony color.

Renee Zelwegger in Pucci 
Like I said in my last post, this dress is jaw-droppingly beautiful in all its glorious detail. 

Given the avante garde-ness of this event, there is always the risk of crash-and-burn catastrophe, like with the following group. Womp-womp.

Dakota Fanning in Louis Vuitton
Oy. She did not age well. This dress did no justice for her. 

Kristen Stewart in Balenciaga
Really? Seriously? No. Such a waste of gorgeous girl.

Florence Welch in Alexander McQueen
 She looks as upset wearing this dress as I am to be looking at it.

Jessica Chastain in Louis Vuitton
Another unfortunate case of bad gown choice. Pretty girl, pretty dress, but not together.

Alicia Keys in Givenchy
It's not the Nickelodeon Choice Awards, MC Hammer-- uh, I mean, Alicia. 
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