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Tuesday, November 30, 2010


OK, ladies, time to do a little closet check. It's you know where your cardigans are?

That's right. This little piece of clothing is such a must have because it completes any outfit. Long, short, purple, or green, no matter the style, a cardigan is such a fashion essential, that you would be committing a crime by not wearing one all the time.

For the office, it's def a more casual take on the suit blazer, so if you're not into the buttoned up, 9-5 look, the cardigan is the answer to all your official fashion prayers. It's layering capabilities are limitless and you can accessorize the hell out of one with jewelry, pins, and belts. Take a boring black outfit and pop on a colored cardigan to revive your humdrum outfit. Yes, I just used the word humdrum.

(*All these Cardigans are from Ann Taylor LOFT because today they are having a Sweater sale, so make sure you shop*)

Make a bold statement in this blotted cardigan, and belt it like the model did for a truly tailored look.

Add a pop of shine with this sequin embellished cover-up.

Break out your inner animal in this ridiculously adorable leopard print cardi. Debbie likey.

Long is luxurious with this cute sweater that will be perfect for covering up those love handles...that you just don't love.

Add a little romance with ruffles with this cardigan that comes in a bajillion (yes, that means seven) colors.
Wear your cardis over dresses, blouses or any tops you see fit, like these famous faces.

See how Reese Witherspoon puts the perfect finishing touches here? Reese's pieces rock (that fedora is amazing and her shoes are to die for. Debbie wants.)--yes I did just make a really bad reese's pieces joke. Did you catch it?

First lady Michelle Obama takes cardigans to a whole new level in every way, shape, form, and color. This is the only time I will support an Obama, so good on ya, Mrs. O.

So are you ready to get classy in a cardi? 

Monday, November 29, 2010

Brad Pitt is NOT Cute. Or a Good Dresser.

Oh, how the mighty have fallen. Boys, take note. Leather pants are ALWAYS a don't.

Dear Brad,
Just because you are a powerful, altruistic, celebrity do-gooder with nice eyes is no reason you should be walking out in leather pants. And please shave.

Uch, my eyes, it hurts just to look! It's like the sun--don't stare directly at it.
You looked much better when you were with Jen, Brad. Team Aniston, represent.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Modest Hollywood

Here are some of your favorite leading ladies taking the red carpet by storm--in the good old-fashioned, modest way.

Amanda Peet

Anne Hathaway

Zoe Saldana

Natalie Portman

Nicole Kidman

Sarah Jessica Parker

Jennifer Hudson

Beyonce Knowles

Isabelle Lucas

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Black Friday. Holla!

The mecca of days is upon us! BLACK FRIDAY. The day sounds rather ominous, but in fact it entails such jubilation, that my wallet can hardly contain it. Down Mastercard, down! Good boy.

So ya'll ready to get your crazy on? I feel like Monica in that episode of Friends when she goes to look for her wedding dress at the Filene's basement sale. Whistles at the ready, peeps, because we is abouts to get crazy up in here! Here we go...

40% off your entire purchase on Friday, but today (Thursday) you can take 20% off your entire online purchase with code GAPTHANKS (Sale ends Thursday night).

Old Navy
Sale starts on Thursday (today!) and is open at 12 AM on Friday morning. Everything is on sale.

Banana Republic
They are doing a "Not Black Friday" Sale on December 3 (next Friday) because they feel their core customers don't show up on the actual Black Friday, and would rather keep the savings for a less busy day. Let's see how that one turns out. Elitists.

Ann Taylor LOFT
40% off your entire purchase in-store, and online use the redemption code ENJOY to get your discount (you can do the same today). FYI, free shipping on orders over $125 or more (losers--make it free shipping!).

J. Crew
40% off all the online factory outlet's items. Not too shabby! Click here for the outlet. And, if you spend a $125, use the promo code TURKEY for 25% off your entire order. That starts today, too!

The department store sales are way too vast to list, so if you intend on making an appearance, here are their door-busting time openings and some specials.

Lord & Taylor
Opens at 5:00 AM and the first 500 shoppers in stores get a free $20 gift card. Use promo code THANKS to get 15% off online, even today.

Opens at 4:00 AM. Click here to print an in-store savings pass--just enter your zip code and print out the savings!

Opens at 8:00 AM, and on top of all their sales, you can take $25 of every $200 you spend automatically.

They kind of suck and are not having any major sales-- up 50% off your purchase depending on what you buy. Pitiful. Nordstrom Rack, however, is bowing out their inventory with 30% off already reduced prices, but in-store only, so try and stop by there instead. Suckity sucks.

Opens at 4:00 AM (with door-buster deals expiring at 1:00 PM).

Century 21
Print this coupon to get some great deals.

Opens at 6:00 AM and the first 400 customers get a free $20 coupon.

French Connection
Up to 40% of with the online promo code FCBFFS plus free shipping.

Urban Outfitters
Super sale, and you can use the online promo code GIFTED for 10% off your purchase. Plus free shipping with promo code GETSTUFFED! (That includes today!)

Forever 21
Today they are having a BOGO (Buy One, Get One) sale on all their sale apparel. You're better off doing this shopping online, because their stores can get messy. Nothing to report for Black Friday though. Boo.

They are reducing a lot of their items to just $5.

Victoria's Secret
Double points on all purchases with your Vicki's card on Black Friday, plus a free Supermodel tote with $60 purchase (and free shipping with purchase of $50 or more online).

These are just some basics, but if you have any other stores you want deals for, I can find out. I'm amazing like that. Good luck, and don't forget to bring a buddy to these things. If anyone gets in your way, remember--USE YOUR ELBOWS. Hitting the face is a no-no, but totally feel free to aim low if you need to--that dress was yours first! ( I do not condone violence.)


Wednesday, November 24, 2010


 If there is one thing us Hebrews know well, it’s Middle Eastern desert animals. Fortunately for the fashion community, they have caught up as well, and they have fallen in love with a nondescript color called Camel. Israelites rejoice, because this camel does not need to transport your goods for 40 years through a desert. Phew.

Instead, Camel is appearing in all sorts of clothing items and accessories from skirts, to shoes, to tops, and most especially coats. The camel coat is a season must have this year, and with all these crazy sales this week, your resident fahsionista is recommending you snatch one up.

This coat form Bloomingdales has the rougher, military inspired look, but retains the femininity with its light, camel color. Perfect for everyday or Shabbat. Sure, it's a bit pricey, but well worth the investment. I'm not in finance, but I know a good buy when I see one, and this coat will last a lifetime--or until you spill red wine on it. 

This next coat is meant to be a showstopper, so if you’re feeling in the mood to be the center of attention, BUY IT. It’s French Connection and it’s utterly stunning. Shorties (ie: me) may have some trouble with the length, but I’ve also been blessed with a love for 4 inch heels, so shouldn’t be too much of problem.

While the Camel coat is the must-have, feel free to branch out into other items like this sweater from LOFT. This sweater is so ridiculously adorable that I may want to have its babies. The color would look awesome with any skin tone. Ordering one as we speak.  


As for skirts, this pencil one will give you a figure you never knew you had. When you catch that cutie eyeing you from across the cubicle, you'll know exactly what I mean. P.S. Don't forget to wink back at him.

Aside form the fact that this cross-body is on sale (I'm your fairy godmother, aren't I? Only a little less "bibidi-bobidi-boo" and a tad more "Hell yes, that was cheap"), it's classic and will never, ever, not even in a bajillion years go out of style. Take it everywhere you go and when people compliment you on it, you can say you got it from your fairy godmother. They may look at you like you're crazy, but crazy with style.

I don't think this is what God had planned for Camels, but I think we got past the whole nomad thing, and we can finally take camel to a new level. Remember, Camel is a neutral so don't be afraid to pair it with bold colors. It goes with anything.

So, raise your hand if a camel has spit in your face, btw. Ya, I'm raising my hand right now. I can guarantee you none of these items will spit in your face. You're welcome for that.


Monday, November 22, 2010

Skinny Girls in Bras and Panties

Pretty controversial heading for a frum blog, no?

I only bring this up because the most wonderful time of the year is also the most dreaded time of the year, and all my girls out there (frum or not) know exactly what I'm talking about. The Victoria's Secret Fashion Show.

I don't know whether to bow down to these ladies, or throw tomatoes at them, but either way they are works of art. I have been fortunate enough to meet a few of our famous Vicki's models in person, and yes... the camera does add ten pounds. It's why I hate taking pictures. Giselle Bundchen? Really is that skinny. Carolina Kurkova? Even skinnier. Adrianna Lima? There is a toothpick out there who is really jealous of her. Alesandra Ambrosia? I have a girl crush on her.

Suffice it to say, wearing just a bra and panties and angel wings is NOT appropriate for the office, and there is absolutely no fashion wisdom I can impart to you on this post, other than to say that if these women are able to walk a runway in front of millions of people around the world in nothing more than some panties and glitter, we can all afford to break out of our own comfort zones a little more. I for one have sworn to incorporate more sequins in to my wardrobe (seriously, ask my sister--it's starting to look like a party up in my room, cuz I gots me some sparkles all over the floor. Sorry, that was the Brooklyn inside of me--I apologize).

This year's runway was already recorded and airs next Tuesday (the 30th), and you can bet I'll be glued to the TV...while doing crunches, no less, in an effort to sculpt a 6 pack that will NEVER exist (please excuse me while I go shed a tear). And don't pretend like you won't be doing the exact same thing. You're a chick--our inadequacies are all the same in the reflection of a Victoria's Secret model--crunch away.

Also, don't pretend like you don't shop at Victoria's Secret--we have all been to a bridal shower where the mother was "aghast" at what was inside those ubiquitous pink boxes. So ladies, sit back, relax and let the envy begin as we all take in some full-on, hardcore, through and through skimpiness in all its exploitative glory.

We women have come so far, haven't we?

P.S. Wearing the million dollar diamond bra on the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show runway is TOTALLY on my bucket list. 100% not kosher, but a dream nonetheless.

Cheers to dreams

Monday, November 8, 2010

Modest Hollywood

You guys have been telling me how much you love this part, so I thought I would do a little more to show you the frummer side of Hollywood.  A look at some of this weeks leading modest ladies. I'll take one of everything, please! I'll start with Heidi's shoes.

Heidi Klum
Julianne Moore (repeat frumster)

Kourtney Kardashian

Melissa George

Olivia Wilde

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Stop it, Hollywood. Just Stop.

Recognize that horrendous dress Jessica Biel has on? That's right, that's the dress I showed you last week in the LACE post. News flash: it's still ugly. Ugh, and now it's reproduced and had hideous offspring in the names of SJP and Carey Mulligan. So close to being pretty, Sarah's and Carey's dresses have gorgeous silhouettes and modest coverage...aside from the whole bra exposure thing! (Just FYI, the model who wore SJP's dress in the runway show did NOT wear a bra. Google it.)  This is like the mullet of dresses--business on the bottom, party on the top...or rather lingerie on top; or an S&M getup. You pick.

Close ladies, but no cigar. You'll regret these choices in 5 years from now, and hopefully by then I will be some famous Hollywood stylist, and I will show you what NOT to wear.

Here are these fabulous ladies on some better frum fashion days. 

 I beg of you all to please dress the way your heart desires, just please don't dress like a trollop. Those last three pictures show you can really be stylish and modest without showing skin that was meant to be UNDER wraps. Shame on you Hollywood for ruining lace for me; I am however loving the tweed. Work it, Carey.


Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Lifestyles of the Cheap and Not So Famous

I've decided to share will all my loyal readers, male and female alike, my absolute fav websites for bargain hunting. It's no secret that Jews have a reputation for being cheap (not true at all, and I would like to thank Sara Silverman, comedienne extraordinaire, for debunking that myth in a recent Judd Apatow produced satiric PSA for the AJWS--see it here. It's quite hysterical).

Bargain hunting is a universal concept--it's not like Macy's makes blowout sales just for the Jews; everyone loves cheap stuff, which is why there has been a huge, recent surge of sample sale websites that sell major (and not so major) labels for ridiculously discounted prices. Odds are you will need to register for these sites before you can see their sales, and if you need an invite (for which some you do), just leave a comment, and I can gladly send you one to the ones you want.

Let's start with one of the the originals. GILT. Their sales start at 12 noon everyday, and they tend to carry more expensive designers, but at decent prices. They also have Jewelry sales, and men's clothing.

This next site,  Ideeli, is my favorite, because their prices are a lot more reasonable than Gilt's, and they carry as much designer clothing as they do casual, everyday clothing. Their shipping is mad expensive (minimum $10!) but they always have such a wide variety, that if you buy more than one thing, it's worth it. Their sales also start at 12 PM, and they too carry a wide variety of items besides clothing for men and women, including jewelry, kids clothing, and kitchen and home items.

Beyond the Rack is another site that has great sales, and usually carries more casual clothing than they do designer, high-end. Their sales start at 11 AM, and they always have like 10 sales happening at once, with a lot of the sales resembling Ideeli.

RueLaLa is one of the more famous sites, and the sales start at 11 AM. Additionally, on Sunday night they have a 'Styleathon' where they have these flash sales with deeper discounted prices, probably on stuff that hadn't sold in earlier sales.

If you have a larger budget and want to spend more money (which I know you don't), I'm partial to ShopBop. They aren't a sample sale site like the others I mentioned, but they have some major designers for deeply discounted prices.

Fabulousness certainly does not come cheap, but you know what does? Miley Cyrus. Oops. Was that too mean? I mean she is kinda cheap looking, no? In any case, make sure you utilize these websites to their fullest extent. There are quite a few treasures to be found on these sites, so just make sure you check back everyday to see their new sales.

Sorry Miley, I didn't mean to offend you; it's just that for a kajillionaire under the age of 18, you do wear very little clothing, and since you can afford it, do us a favor and get dressed.


Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Tulle Cool For School

I would just like to state for the record, that while I am not a ballerina, I fully intend on dressing like one.Yes, I'm sort of a sucker for tulle, and a recent string of Hollywood starlets have been seen prancing around our fine country (GO VOTE TODAY) in stunning ballerina-esque  pieces.

Check out these famous faces sporting some mighty frum looks (minus Rihanna's plunging neckline, but you can easily rectify that situation). Kiera exudes classy in an non-extravagant version of her ballerina look; the longer length of the skirt makes her look super elegant. (Longer length skirts are in, FYI, so keep an eye out for them.)
RiRi takes a more playful approach with her look, and she is even daring to pull of white--scandalous. But let's be honest--what can't she pull off? Even though she's looking strikingly Madonna-like circa "Like A Virgin", Rihanna looks super cute and covered-up (by Rihanna standards) with her dress and denim vest, blending casual and elegant.

Since we can't all be international superstars or Academy Award Nominees, let's try some items that are much more understated, but just as chic. Just for your general info, the whole tulle-peeking-out-of-the-bottom-of-a-dress/skirt look is way past over, and sort of died in 2001. If you want to pull of the tulle look, try and be a bit more daring. Try a skirt like this which will hit the knee for most of you--again being short is a blessing.
For a longer length (super cute), try this skirt from White House Black Market
This last piece I cannot vouch for the tzniut factor, but I'm thinking it should hit the knee, and is worth a shot. Pair this with a cute cardi for an occasion, or dress it down with denim jacket or blazer, and you're super fierce.
So, my little ballerinas. I hope you have a fantastic time with tulle. While you may hate me for this post, don't pretend you don't wish they made those cute tulle/ballerina dresses and skirts for kids in adult sizes. Admit it. Also, keep in mind that tulle is probably not safe for the office, but make it work for an occasion or the weekend.

Please have an editing eye when you wear this material, because there is a very strong possibility you will look foolish when done wrong. And make sure you don't actually do pink tulle, because then you really will look like a ballerina. No. Just don't.Yes, Miriam, my sister, I am talking to you.

Modest Fashion Network