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Sunday, April 21, 2013

The Duchess Doth Showeth!

Behold! The royal bump has finally arrived! For public viewing at least. Yes, a certified and formidable belly bump has finally popped on the skinny minnie Princess of ours, and the Duchess finally looks pregnant with something more than just her lunch sandwich. Kate looks positively cute and adorable, and that spring coat is so season appropriate with its floral buttons and the color is so sunny and fresh. Those nude pumps don't hurt either. Note to all: if you haven't yet invested in a pair of nude pumps, make that the first thing on your list to buy for spring. In fact, stop reading this post right now and go shopping for a pair of nude pumps. I really hope this post doesn't get censored as illicit for the most uses of the word 'nude'. In any case, thanks go to Kate for officially ushering in springtime apparel!

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  1. Wow! Her dress looks so pretty. Every girl would like to be royal wearing this cute and stylish dress. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Everyone looks great and loved reading your reviews. Keep up the great job and keep us posted with more.


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