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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Modest Hollywood

Hollywood ladies are making their summer statements, and most of them are OAK approved! I just love summer and summer clothing. I love hot weather, air conditioning, lemonade and everything that comes in a ruffle. It's been ahwile since my last MH post, so here's a rundown of our leading ladies' fashion dos (and don'ts).

Jessica Alba
Perfect for the workplace!
Alexa Chung
She looks like she walked straight out of 1930's Europe...but I like it.
Ashley Olsen
Goth much? And yet she is still rockin the look. How can someone be so busy in clothing like that. I wish I was that busy.
Kiera Knightley
PDA with a side of "cute skirt (but you really need to be tall to wear it" and just a touch of "wow,she's really pulling off that tied-at-the-waist shirt".
Kirsten Dunst
Chanel. Need I say more?
Kate Hudson
Uchhhh, when you are pregnant, you can get away with anything. Like this outfit for example.
Gwen Stefani
This is legit how I dress every Sunday. I am Gwen Stefani--AWESOME.
Selita Ebanks
Emily Blunt
Well, that's a sheitel if I ever saw one. But I think they just call them wigs. She looks so ready for Shul on Shavuot!
Michelle Williams
She can wear this because she is from Brooklyn. Brooklyn = hipster.
Eva Amurri
Happy summer, everyone. Love, Eva.
Christina Hendricks
Perfection. She can (almost always) do no wrong.
Maggie Gyllenhaal
She, however, can. Exhibit A. Eva Amurri clearly did not inform her of the arrival of summer.
Minka Kelly
Maria Shriver
Jaime King
I want this dress in ways that are so illegal in 43 states.
Rose Byrne
Gimme gimme gimme. I am going to need a larger credit limit.
Olivia Wilde
Does she ever not look ridiculously stunning?
Eva Mendes
And another one. Stop being so perfect.
Maggie Q
Jennifer Garner
It's like going to have a meeting with principal--celebrities only get dressed "professionally" when they go to Washington.
Lilly Allen
Mazal tov! Nice dress.
Diana Agron
I don't think she was in Brooklyn here, but I am going to go with the whole hipster vibe.
Aishwarya Rai
Carey Mulligan
Super pretty.

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