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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Solstice Garden Party

Flowers and garlands and blooms, oh my! Happy first day of summer, y'all! Summer is my favorite season, so I decided to celebrate my summer joy with you in the form of everything flowers.

Aside from florals being, like, HUGE this season, summertime is usually celebrated with everything colorful and flowery. Check out Princess Beatrice in this stunning floral ensemble at the Epsom race (yup, the same one, that Katey rocked the cream frock a few weeks ago).

Inspired? Try some of these:

Lipsy Floral Garland Style Hair Band
I love the way she wears the headband here. New and fresh!

ASOS Genuine Leather Flowers Tie Headband
I have a feeling married people with the sheitels go gaga for this one. 
Gladiolus Skirt
Super duper pretty.


Alexander McQueen Tan 3D Flower Wedge
This is just for show.  A McQ is a legend, so enjoy the view.


Back View Dress

Paprika Tie Front Floral Crop Top
Yes, it's a crop top, but wear this with a hgih-waisted skirt, and you're frummie approved.


Purple Flute Sleeve Floral Blouse


Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Modest Hollywood

Hollywood ladies are making their summer statements, and most of them are OAK approved! I just love summer and summer clothing. I love hot weather, air conditioning, lemonade and everything that comes in a ruffle. It's been ahwile since my last MH post, so here's a rundown of our leading ladies' fashion dos (and don'ts).

Jessica Alba
Perfect for the workplace!
Alexa Chung
She looks like she walked straight out of 1930's Europe...but I like it.
Ashley Olsen
Goth much? And yet she is still rockin the look. How can someone be so busy in clothing like that. I wish I was that busy.
Kiera Knightley
PDA with a side of "cute skirt (but you really need to be tall to wear it" and just a touch of "wow,she's really pulling off that tied-at-the-waist shirt".
Kirsten Dunst
Chanel. Need I say more?
Kate Hudson
Uchhhh, when you are pregnant, you can get away with anything. Like this outfit for example.
Gwen Stefani
This is legit how I dress every Sunday. I am Gwen Stefani--AWESOME.
Selita Ebanks
Emily Blunt
Well, that's a sheitel if I ever saw one. But I think they just call them wigs. She looks so ready for Shul on Shavuot!
Michelle Williams
She can wear this because she is from Brooklyn. Brooklyn = hipster.
Eva Amurri
Happy summer, everyone. Love, Eva.
Christina Hendricks
Perfection. She can (almost always) do no wrong.
Maggie Gyllenhaal
She, however, can. Exhibit A. Eva Amurri clearly did not inform her of the arrival of summer.
Minka Kelly
Maria Shriver
Jaime King
I want this dress in ways that are so illegal in 43 states.
Rose Byrne
Gimme gimme gimme. I am going to need a larger credit limit.
Olivia Wilde
Does she ever not look ridiculously stunning?
Eva Mendes
And another one. Stop being so perfect.
Maggie Q
Jennifer Garner
It's like going to have a meeting with principal--celebrities only get dressed "professionally" when they go to Washington.
Lilly Allen
Mazal tov! Nice dress.
Diana Agron
I don't think she was in Brooklyn here, but I am going to go with the whole hipster vibe.
Aishwarya Rai
Carey Mulligan
Super pretty.

Monday, June 13, 2011

You Go Girls!

You  may not know this about me, but I happen to be a ridiculous sports fan. Growing up in Brooklyn with four brothers (and two sisters), I have been exposed not only to the fascinating world of fashion, but the wide world of sports too.

Very rarely do these two merge; in fact, more often than not, the basketball court, the baseball and football fields, the hockey rink and the soccer pitch are the only places where fashion statements don't make a play (pun intended). Aside from the tennis pros (ie: Venus and Serena Williams), the sports arena is where the clothes on your back literally define who you are. You just can't be a Red Sock and wear a Yankee uniform in the game (pssshhh, like they could! But I digress).

It is largely accepted, however, to wear certain other garments that define the life you lead off the court/field/rink/pitch/etc.; (Serena and Venus know that all too well).

Yea...try telling that to Naama Shafir or the Iranian Women's Soccer team.

In the past few weeks, these women have been subjected to eliminations and forfeits in their respective sports on account of, believe it or not, MODESTY.

Shafir, an Israeli, orthodox girl who won an NCAA basketball scholarship to the University of Ohio was eliminated by FIBA Europe (Europe's basketball governing body) from playing in a match in Poland. Why, you ask? Because she wears a t-shirt underneath her uniform for modesty reasons (see below), and their rules state that all players must be wearing the exact same uniform. Shafir refused to go bare-shouldered, and so she was not allowed to play. Dislike!

In a country where women scarcely have rights, let alone the luxury to play sports, the Iranian women's soccer team and Olympic hopefuls were disqualified from their pre-Olympic qualifying match because they refused to take off their head-scarfs for their match. FIFA, the governing body of soccer cited safety concerns and chocking hazards for their justification, but I call that bull-doody. It's just ridiculous.

I have no intentions of making political or religious statements on whether these women should forgo their beliefs and traditions for the sake of a game, but then again, I shouldn't have to. Women should have every opportunity to play, and just like in the real world or in the workplace, there should be appropriate allowances and room for personal beliefs.  Whether they are religious in form or not, I would never tell a player not wear their lucky underwear that they haven't washed since they were 12 years-old, or whether they should cheer or pray or point to God after a game-winning shot.

If no one else will, I applaud these women. In a mostly boys club, they stay true to their beliefs and are every bit the fierce women they are in their game.

After all, it's not whether you win or lose, but HOW you play the game, right? Clearly FIBA and FIFA did not get that message. Despite that, at the end of the day, these women are the real winners.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Cream of the Royal Crop

You just can't mess with perfection, and nothing is more perfect that the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton! (I don't know if you noticed, but she is my hero.)

Aside from being the epitome of gorgeousness and class, HRH exudes effortless chic in this cream-colored ensemble for a day at the races. 

So simple, so beautiful, modest, as usual and SO perfect. Well done, my dear.


Wednesday, June 1, 2011

44 Blue and White

So with today being Yom Yerushalayim (Jerusalem Day), the day where the holiest city ever was liberated by Israeli forces, I decided to pay homage to the colors of the beautiful Israeli flag. If you like blue and you like white, and you like blue and white together, then consider embracing them this summer!

Nautical is the quintessential summer staple, and just so happens to match the colors of the Israeli flag! Try some of these nautical and blue and white looks:
ASOS Espadrilles

Jerusalem, if I forget thee, may my fashion wardrobe suffer.
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