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Monday, August 25, 2014

#EMMYS2014: Best and Worst Dressed

I never understood why the Emmy's took place in late summer when all the other award shows happened in later winter, but alas, the Hollywood Gods needed to switch things up for us. And so, on this beautiful August night, we are left with a bevy of beauties draped in colors, swathed in silks and dripping in jewels. And then there were the ugly people. Yes, you, Lena. But I get ahead of myself.

Below is my best and worst dressed list, each in no particular order. If you are a celebrity reading this, please forgive me. Also, hire me. I know my best dressed choices may be unconventional, but these were the looks that spoke to me the most. As for the worst, I'm sure we're all in agreement there.


This Zac Posen dress on this human being is the best thing to happen to August since ever. And I was born in August, and I like me a lot, so for me to say this dress trumps me being alive is saying something. 

I can't even formulate words to describe how perfect this look is. This is honestly one of the most amazing gowns I have ever seen and it has done nothing short of taken my breath away. Camilla is a goddess and that dress is pure heaven. 

I don't know what about this look had me so enamored, but it was delightful and whimsical and had all the touches of a modern classic in every way. 

I'm surprised by this choice myself as it doesn't look particularly Emmys-ish, but you cannot deny that this woman and this look are both amazing. I love how alternative this gown is and how daring she was to wear it to these awards; she totally showed up to make a statement, and statement she made. When I grow up, I wanna be Gwen.

This was one of the most classic looks from the whole evening. A nod to old Hollywood glam with the touch of modernity with those racy cutouts, Lizzy nailed the B+W combo dress like no other.

You can cry


A little part of me died tonight when I saw this look. You can't just unsee these things, people. WHY is the question we all need to ask ourselves right now. Gosh, there has to be a hotline number we can call to help us through this, right?

Your future offspring will regret this look for you one day. I assure you. If you're feeling inspired though, you can always name it Laura Ashley if it's a girl. You are basically wearing her bedspread print. 

I hate when this woman is on the worst dressed. Her make up and hair look awesome but that dress is so unflattering. This was a disappointment for me in so many ways. I guess, unlike her bust line, this look just fell flat (see what I did there?)

Speaking of busts. This.

There is nothing golden about this look except the age of the person who should be wearing it. A nice golden girl in her late 80's perhaps. It's the hair. Totally.

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