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Thursday, February 19, 2015

New York Fashion Week Goes to the OSCARS 2015

As we bid adieu to New York Fashion Week, it's time to get serious about the next big fashion moment of the year-- the Oscars. This is the be-all/end-all of award show fashion, and this is the one time where you want to GO BIG, but you don't want to go home. That's not to say the Oscars isn't a time for risks-- it's just not always friendly to the experimenter...that's what the Grammy's are for, people.

That said, it's always exciting to watch that famous red carpet to see who's wearing what. It's no secret that many of the gowns in year's past have come straight off the runways of New York Fashion Week, and it's with that that I bring you the New York Fashion Week Oscar Gowns that could be.

Now, I'm not saying that all (or any) of these gowns will be chosen, but the likelihood of one NYFW gown making it to the Oscars Red Carpet are always favorable. Using only NYFW gowns, here is a list of some of the most high profile and gorgeous looks from the runway that would translate beautifully on to some of the most talked about stars of the season. Disclaimer: I am very aware that most of the gowns on the red carpet will NOT be from NYFW, but this was just a fun styling experiment for a girl with too much time on her hands. 

I have given each woman two choices. These are just a few options and totally just my opinion, but I have a vision! Let me know what you think, OAKies!


Known for taking big risks, Emma likes to walk the line of classic but edgy. She is very rarely, if ever found on a worst dressed list, and the girl can pull of almost any look. However, it's Emma's knack for choosing truly exquisite pieces with a heck of a lot of personal flair that reads her signature.

The two gowns I chose for Emma are this red beaded Marchesa gown and this dark but flirty Oscar de la Renta Gown. Emma has been known to go for bold colors in the past, but as she matures, so does her style.

The red beaded Marchesa gown has a vampy but classy look that would challenge the Oscar norm, something that Emma Stone is fabulous at doing.

The Oscar dress is a total lesson in a way to do contemporary demureness. I love how stylized it is and it would no doubt look incredible on Emma's body.

Kiera Knightley is a style icon in her own right. Though still young, Kiera has established a style repertoire that is nothing short of fantastic, elegant, contemporary and beautiful. As a risk-taker, Kiera has been known to have a few misses, but her endearing personality and her stellar good looks make up for her efforts.

Keira is not afraid of trying new things. She embraces the whimsical more than any other celebrity on this season's red carpet, which is why I chose the two gowns below. The first is a Delpozo gown-- not often seen on an Oscar's red carpet, Delpozo has a personality fit for a risk-taker. This black gown with blue and gold appliques would read so well in the Kiera Knightley playbook and it would do all kinds of wonderful for her baby bump. It would definitely be an Oscar risk, but what is Kiera if not a risk-taker?

The second gown I chose, a Dennis Basso gown, is a bit more conventional with all the hallmarks of a more classic dress, but with the all panache of a Kiera Knighley look. Kiera would wear the hell out of that dress, baby bump and all.

Lupita is pretty much the only woman on the red carpet who uses textures, colors and fabrics so harmoniously, that she could literally pull of anything. While Lupita is dedicated to being bold, this woman exudes grace and class-- she embraces all different types of silhouettes, prints and designers and is a fashion chameleon of the best kind.

The two dresses from New York Fashion Week that I chose for Lupita was this incredible Badgley Mischka gown; the sleek silhouette is practically a trademark of Lupita's, and with the exotic embroidered top, this gown is everything Lupita has embraced in the past. Not to mention it would look INCREDIBLE on her beautiful skin.

Look number two is a Marchesa gown-- Lupita is attending as a presenter and guest this year, and she has taken the liberty of having a bit more fun with her fashion choices in 2015. This bold Marchesa gown would be a fun choice for the starlet but would retain the gravity of the occasion. Plus, Lupita has a thing for floral appliques on her gowns. It's kinda her thing.

If ever there was a celebrity devoted to the classic, old Hollywood style, it is Reese Witherspoon. A classic in her own right, Reese is as reliable as any award attendee to show up in a gown that was made for the ladies of Hollywood days gone by.

Fitting with her style, I chose two gowns that scream old-Hollywood glam. The first, a red-hued Badgley Mischka gown below is literally the most classic yet evocative dress ever. The deep red color, the slimming and heightening silhouette, the lush fabric; everything about this gown screams Oscars and it would be a pleasure to see Reese walk it on the red carpet.

Also no stranger to metallics, this simple but entrancing Zac Posen gown would be the perfect compliment to Reese's updated-old-Hollywood-glam. Reese has donned many a metallic dress on the red carpet, so the Zac Posen gown below would be sure to align with star's past looks.

When one thinks Oscars, one is inclined to think of OTP (over-the-top) looks, and one actress who never shies away from going big is Felicity Jones. Often seen in large, billowing gowns, Felicity is practically an expert at sashaying down a red carpet with a hemline that has a radius larger than the globe. Also capable of really delicate looks, for the Oscars, I think Felicity will take a bigger look, which is why I chose the two gowns below.

The first gown, a Badgley Mischka gold patterned stunner has the volume and embellishment that is often found on Felicity's looks. The actress never shies away from adornments and I think the gold gown below is festooned with gold details that any Oscar chaser would covet.

The second dress is a far less conventional dress and a real question mark. The puffy Christian Siriano gown is over the top in all the right ways, but could make waves on the red carpet. With Felicity's body and golden good looks, she would make that gown the star of the night.

While relatively new to the scene, Rosamund Pike is certainly a scene stealer when it comes to red carpet appearances. Normally a contemprary and on-trend gown wearer, Rosamund shirks the conventional and often goes for the bold. This one is really a wild card, so I took the liberty of choosing two gowns that may not seem so obvious.

Using New York Fashion Week gowns as my guide, I felt that Rosamund would stand out most in this purple Tadashi Shoji gown or this fringe-y Marchesa gown.

The Tadashi dress is a bit more traditional but has some of the whimsy that Rosamund has been known to embrace in her outfit choices. I can see her traipsing down the red carpet in this breathtaking gown and positively owning it.

In contrast, Rosamund would totally kill it in the total fringe look of the Marchesa gown, as it has a bit more of that pizzazz the star often touts. The lighter colors favor Rosamund's complexion and I think she would look like a goddess if she were to appear in this on the red carpet.

Julianne Moore has quite a history with the red carpet. Her stunning red hair is basically an accessory for which to match her dress to, which is what always makes her gown choices so interesting. She too is a chameleon and has embraced all sorts of trends and styles, so it is hard to pin down exactly what this classy broad would wear. I find that Julianne looks way better in jewel tones. Her pale skin gets washed out in the metallics and nudes, so I hope Julianne does in fact go the darker and richer colors route these awards.

If I had my choice, Julianne, who tends to favor slimline silhouettes, would choose a more daring look for her Oscar nominated year on the red carpet by choosing this deep purple Oscar de la Renta gown. It's big and beautiful and the best actress nominee would be sure to give the ultimate acceptance speech in this beautiful gown.

The second gown for Julianne is a little less Oscar but a lot more dynamic, and it would probably look beautiful on her on the red carpet. The Naeem Khan gown has the old Hollywood glam mixed with the contemporary flair that would probably get her on every best dressed list. I love how the appliques shine and I think Julianne would own the hell out of it. 

How do you dress perfection? I mean, seriously. Camilla Alves could literally wear anything and still be breathtakingly beautiful. Camilla has ran the gamut of trends and gowns, but her bottom line always remains to exude pure sexiness. She tends to favor streamlined gowns that have fluid lines and looks like she was poured into her dress. This is a woman who comes as a date, not a nominee, so she can afford to have some fun, and fun she will have.

Camilla is devoted to her column silhouette so it was a no-brainer to choose two gowns that evoked the lengthening styles she favors. First is this gold Ralph Lauren stunner which would look nothing short of miraculous on her golden complexion. Camilla has chosen to don heavier materials as of late, so it would be refreshing to see her slip into a gown like this. 

The second gown, a Tadashi Shoji, is a lot more racy but has a definite sexiness to it. Camilla is not afraid to cover up (see last year's Oscar's dress) so to see her in a dress that is so revealing but still so covered up would be quite the treat. 

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