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Friday, February 13, 2015

#NYFW: The Refrigerated Fashion Week (Tadashi Shoji, Ohne Titel, Tome, Timo Weiland, Richard Chai, Protagonist)

It's SO cold. Like freezing. Beyond freezing. Arctic. Brr. But it's fashion week in New York, so basically this cold is going to have to take a back row seat because front row is WHERE IT'S AT. That's right, it's that semi-annual time of year where I bring you all the modest looks from the runway shows happening at NYFW!

Seriously, I don't know if they had forethought about this week, but the designers brought ALL the stops out when it came to coats. I didn't feature them all here, but if you watch these runway shows, you'll see the models severely bundled up-- in some cases it's even hard to see the clothes because the coats are what it's all about. I'm feeling good that next Autumn/Winter will be a parade of warm coats. Ain't nobody got time or patience for this cold, yo.

I can also safely say that next Autumn/Winter will bring the nineties back. I mean, if they weren't back already, it's safe to say that the deep-dark lip hues of the nineties are back and sexier and more chic than ever. See: Timo Weiland, for example who's colors, fabrics and silhouettes just scream nineties. Come on, you know you want them back too. The little girl who wore her leggings tucked into her neon high socks as a kid is jumping for joy inside me.

Feel free to be totally breathless about some of those Tadashi Sholi gowns, btw. I mean, woah. But far and above, my favorite first-day show was Ohne Titel. The colors, the cutouts, the silhouettes--warms me right up.







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