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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Baby, You're a Firework

Happy Red, White and Blue!

Part of living in the land of the free means getting to wear whatever you want! God bless America, because I have found you all a treasure-trove of cuteness in these pieces that are all red, white and blue, ALL courtesy of my favorite online store, ASOS.

I would like to take a moment to thank Thomas Jeffereson, John Hancock, Bejamin Franklin and all those other dudes in starchy white wigs who gave me an excuse to make this post. Most of all,  I would like to thank ASOS for being so awesome. Even though you are a British company, and we are sorta kinda celebrating seceding from your country because you were all kinda mean to us, especially in the taxes department, I still wanna say you rock.

Perfection rarely comes along, so I would snatch this baby up and if those sleeves are too short for you, nothing screams chill summer nights than an adorable cardigan.

Hello, professionalism meets whimsy.

This skirt is so fabulous I may just have to pledge allegiance to it. 

Anyone else feel up for a picnic in this dress. It's as American as apple pie, and a navy blazer (see below!) or cardigan would have everybody saluting this dress.

Va va voom. Add white skirt. Repeat outfit.

So Kate Middleton-esque. Go be royal in this frock in the most American way possible!

If this whole outfit is not the cutest thing you have ever seen, then you don't belong on this blog. Go. Buy. Now. You're welcome.

I've shown you all this dress three times before, and I show it to you again so that you feel as compelled as I do to purchase this wear-all. Matches anything!

We definitely don't play cricket in this country, but there is no reason we can't pretend. LOVE it.

Oh, I'm sorry? You said you are so glad I found this dress for you? Oh, it's no problem! That's my job.

Spring. Summer. Fall. It rains in all three seasons, so you might need this.

SHe pulls off those glasses, whereas I would not. The shirt looks ridiculously comfortable though, so indulge.

THat blazer I told you about before? Here you go. Awesome, no?

Comfort does not need to be expensive.

A three-quarter sleeve t-shirt? Wear everyday for the rest of your life.
Happy Independence Day!

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