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Friday, July 8, 2011

Color Me Royal

I know you think my adoration for everything Kate Middleton is slightly much, but how can you not agree that she is is just so perfect! Well, her sense of style is, anyway.

And although she has made navy her signature color, Kate was not afriad to show her colorful side in that purple dress at parliament. Now in Calagary with her her hubby, aka Prince William, the Duchess donned this adorable yet sophisticated yellow number that makes the sunshine--literally!--and this red coat suit that is so jaw-droppingly stunning that it makes you just wanna cover up!

Dear California, prepare to be in for the shock of your life--this is what modesty looks like!  One would be hard-pressed to find modesty in the such a city like L.A., but Kate's brining modesty back! (That was the alternative title to Justin Timberlake's "Im Bringing Sexy Back"--just FYI.)

Adore away!


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