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Friday, July 1, 2011

Oh Canada!

Holy goodness gracious on everything that is holy and beautiful! This dress not only makes my heart go still with pure amazement and adoration, but I need it and want it now. Kitty Kat, you simply amaze me--and for some strange reason, my love for Canada increased exponentially. Yes, it has everything to do with this dress.

The famous royal couple is in the good ol' North America greeting their peeps and fans alike, and they do it in royal style. Holla for the modesty!

While boarding the plane, Kate was seen wearing this highly beautiful and ridiculously awesome blue suit--face it people, the girl can travel in style. I guess you can dress like that on a plane when you have your own jet and infinite amounts of leg room. You're an inspiration to us all.

Earlier today (yes, we can finally say they are in the same time zone as us!), the royal couple was seen at a a meet-and greet for young people (I'm a young person!--Invite me!), so Kate toned down her awesomeness in this Issa dress. Perfection.
Sure, it's a lot of navy, but when you have a sapphire ring that takes over the world, you kinda have to match it up. Good on ya, Kitty.

Happy travels!

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