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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Modest Hollywood

Ladies and ladies! (And gentlemen who read this blog)

I give you the most fabulous ladies of late who rocked that modest, tzniut look. Luuuuurrve (read: LOVE) them all, EXCEPT for you Jamie King. Or rather, your shoes. What. Were. You. Thinking. I still love you though.

As for the rest of these excptional dressers, what trends are you noticing? (ahem! blazers over dresses, sheer/lace, satin, and prints ahem!). Fabulous and modest...a rare breed of perfection!

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Sarah Jessica Parker

Taylor Swift

Jessica Alba

Chloe Moretz

Zooey Deschenel

Christina Hendricks

Elizabeth Olsen

Nicole Richie

Eva Longoria

Dita Von Teese

Katie Holmes

Miranda Kerr

Jamie King

Jennifer Garner

Rachel Zoe

Sarah Michelle Gellar and Lindsay Price

Salma Hayek

Jessica Biel

Emily Blunt

LeAnn Rhimes

Uma Thurman

Camilla Belle

Christina Applegate

Abbie  Cornish

Alexa Chung

Evan Rachael Wood

Mandy Moore

Leona Lewis

Rachel Bilson

Molly Simms

Minnie Driver

Marisa Tomei

Nancy Shevell

Tory Burch

Emma Robers

Helen Mirren

Pippa Middleton

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