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Monday, September 9, 2013

#NYFW: The Zac Posen Experience

Lucky me, lucky me! Last night I had the awesome and total pleasure to head to Zac Posen's SS14 runway show in downtown Manhattan. After a quick breeze past Lincoln Center (which I was admittedly sad that the show was not there) in my cab, I whizzed down to West 22 Street to a swarm of fashion frenzy peeps where I got to meet the designer himself! It was brief but fantastic and an experience I won't soon forget, including going backstage to where the clothes are kept and models are prepped, and to where Zac and I had our first encounter (I say first, because this is so happening again).

Being that close to clothing so beautiful and immaculate was kind of spectacular both on the runway and backstage. Zac's ethereal spring collection walked beautifully (although there was one super weird model that looked like she was taking a dump on the runway). His soft use of color, his bold but feminine prints, and his utterly dreamy silhouettes were breathtaking to behold and will be SURE trendsetters for what you will see on the racks come March-time.

In attendance was Christina Hendricks (you may know her as Joan on Mad Men) who I chatted with as well (see pic below); after telling her I have a blog about modest fashion and that I feature her often for her classy and impeccable taste, she told me that that's simply her style; she prefers to be a classy lady. Proof that no matter what era that woman is in, she is perfection.

Here are some of my pictures from the event-- thanks to the blurriness of the iPhone ( which I think makes for a more authentic experience) my pictures are subpar. Fear not, however, the full show in all its glory is below. Special thanks to my contacts who made this happen. It was amazeballs!

Ahhh, to be rich and famous and in the front row. If it counts for anything, I was two rows back from the front row. Doesn't count, does it. Meh.

Droolfest 2013

I didn't actually hobnob with the celebs but we can pretend that I did. Like if being within in two feet of them counts, then I totally hobnobbed. Call me Hobnobber-Deb.

Right before meeting these two!

Here's a look at Zac's SS2014 RTW collection. Remember to breathe, people.

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  1. wow gorgeous wish I was there


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