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Monday, August 23, 2010

Fashion Craving

Forget pints of ice cream and chocolate bars, ladies! Fashion Craving is when I let you in on my non-PMS cravings for absolute fashion amazing-ness. Feel free to join in on these guilt-free cravings (till the bill comes, at least). 

These are completely adorable, totally work appropriate, and that heel looks tame enough to manage the day. These are the perfect Fall bootie, and I WANT. 

Coach, Aliza Bootie, $188
Click here if you want to buy these beauties for yourself. 

I know, I know--I'm such an inspiration. Thank me later when you are getting massive amounts of compliments on these stellar lovelies.

Just don't forget to say a bracha every time you indulge, because G-d is watching...and so its that cute guy on the corner. Amen.


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