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Sunday, August 22, 2010


Oops! I hope you're not embarrassed, but you just walked in on me having a love affair with blazers! Don't be shy, it could have been worse... it could have been a love affair with granny-panties and that would have just been awkward.

In all seriousness, I think the comeback of this menswear-for-women staple is a God-send. Literally, I think God may have given Moses the ten commandments and then threw in the women's blazer for half off. (Hey, men can appreciate a good sale when they see one too.)

Luckily for women everywhere, clothiers have finally learned to cut for a woman's body; no longer are the shoulder pads of 80's fame an issue, and since hair volume of the 90's has tamed considerably since the turn of the millennium, a chic blazer in any neutral is the perfect cherry on top of any outfit that won't make you look bulky. Not only is it the quintessential cover-all for work, but this once professionals-only piece is now happily a weekend-wearing essential as well.

See how Reese Witherspoon takes a casual looking outfit and adds a blazer for an ultimate cute and casual look. Switch up that mini for a knee-length skirt, and there you have a perfect Monday morning work outfit; hollywood tested, frummie approved.

For those of you not ready to take on the blazer quite yet, there are other options. Fear not. Many cardigans are cut into the blazer shape without the restricting feeling of a full-on jacket. Even as the summer is heading out, feel free to put on a summer dress with a nice, neutral colored blazer, this way you're not wearing too many heavy pieces at once. Point is, you should have fun with blazers! They come in all shapes, colors and sizes, so take liberties with how you wear them and when you wear them.

This black Gap blazer is classic and wallet friendly.

This blazer from J. Crew is also great; it would look wonderful with a black pencil skirt for work, and transition nicely to the weekend with a summer dress underneath.

In any case, I hope you weren't too offended by my little tryst you walked in on. Fortunately for me though, I think this love affair with blazers will be lasting quite a while, so just remember to knock first next time, k?


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