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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Hot Town, Summer In The City

It never ceases to amaze me just how much I love summer. The fact that New York is a 4 season city only makes me love it more. After all, absence makes the heart grow do below-zero temperatures and earmuffs (but I'm not complaining).

You know what else I love? Summer clothing. Often despised by frummies everywhere, summer is viewed as the dreaded time where you have to wear long-sleeves and layers (ahem, kiki-rikis) even though the core of the earth took up residence in your armpits.Well, lucky for you, you have me! Now, I know summer is on it's way out, but is all the more reason you should be exhausting your summer wardrobe.

I am here to tell you that summer should NEVER be taken for granted, not even if you are sweating. First and foremost, there are two beautiful words in the English language that, when put together, send a chill down my spine--air conditioning. Know it. Use it. Love it.

Now that you're all cooled down, let's venture into appropriate frum summer clothing, especially for the office. Remember, we wanna keep things light and simple, so try to pair a nice, thin summer dress with a cute, lightweight cardigan. A nice wedge would definitely complete the outfit, but if you're feeling more "office-y", a camel-colored heel would work better. Try this look from The Loft.

If you prefer separates, try to keep the layers as light as possible. Or, forget layers, and try to find some shirts that meet the tzniut requirements. If you're ok with showing a little elbow, this shirt from LuLus would look great tucked into a black pencil skirt, and the muted purple will look great with most, if not all skin tones.
Click here if this caught your fancy.
If you are looking for something with a bit more coverage, this cute ruffled button-down is the perfect summer top.
Buy me!

Remember, white is quintessential summer and is totally office appropriate when done correctly. Just make sure you wear a slip! A white skirt is très chic when paired with a darker or neutral top. If you're too nervous about the white (which I totally understand), try going for a more floral look, but remember to incorporate color!

Here are a few more totally tzniut looks you may want to check out:
J. Crew White Pencil Skirt On Sale!
Ann Taylor Floral Skirt and Cardigan Not on sale, but still pretty!
Adorable Kate Spade Cardigan Definitely not on sale, but fun to dream about!
Tory Burch Dress Be daring in this, just don't blame me when the bill comes.

Summer is about fun, flirting and flings, so try and make work fun! Oh, and feel free to flirt with the cute guy in the cubicle next to you, just DON'T have a fling with him, k? Unless he's rich. And Jewish. If he is rich and Jewish, then you can have a fling with him. Happy Summer, ladies.


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