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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

I Think I Coach, I Think I Coach

For those who know me, you know my affinity for all things Coach. For those who don't know me... well, now you know.

Now, I am by no means a brand-name-whore (I know, that wasn't really kosher), but I bathe in that "C" pattern like it's my job.

Note: If it looks like Coach and smells like might not be Coach, ladies, so just be careful when you are trolling Chinatown, k?

If there is anything I love more than Coach, it's a SALE. I recently ventured to a 'holy' place of sorts called Woodbury Commons. When not praying to the Western Wall, all prayers (and paychecks) point directly north toward Central Valley, NY, home to the greatest shopping outlets on the east coast. Not two days prior to this excursion did I receive my first paycheck; being that summer is on it's way out, I figured what better way to put that money to use than to catch an end-of-season sale on already ridiculously marked-down items.

First stop: Coach. Duh.
I picked up this little cutie, the Coach Sailor Stripe Sweater,  with gold button trail detail on the back.
(I got it in the blue, but totally loving the red!)

Not only is this 100% tzniut, but it was 75% off it's retail price, and it's 150% adorable. Oh, and did I mention it's 100% cashmere for only $50? 

Cute, check. 
Affordable, check. 
Modest, check.  
Work appropriate, check. 
Need a Jewish Working Girl ask for more? 

(FYI, here's Naomi Watts wearing it. I bet she didn't get it for $50. Sucker.)

It's really a lot easier than you think to find some ready-to-wear clothing to work that doesn't involve wearing a white long-sleeved shirt underneath. Don't get me wrong, I'm guilty of it myself; but no doubt the layering gets annoying, so I am trying to liberate frummies everywhere into making at least one day a week into a "no-kiki-riki" zone. Switch her jeans for a cute skirt, and pair a cute shirt (or tank) with a blazer like Naomi Watts did here, and you will look simply fab. I promise.

From Old Navy to Yves Saint Laurent, find your own store to love unconditionally, so that shopping will be fun, not a chore. And remember, when all else fails you, cashmere won't.


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