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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Onesies--They're Not Just For Kids Anymore

The last time I ever expected having to button a shirt between my legs, I did not picture it being at 25 years-old. I really thought the extent of my onesie-wearing days were over. Gee, I bet you didn't really want to know all that, huh? Allow me to elaborate.

For those of you who are not familiar with children's-wear, a onesie is a bodysuit that goes over the baby's head like a shirt, but then buttons by the diaper area. Suffice it to say I no longer wear diapers, but sadly I am still buttoning bodysuits at 25. I guess my mother's little girl isn't all grown-up quite yet.

Nah, I kid. The truth is, it's all because of the button-down shirt. Button-down shirts are the bane of my existence, especially now that I am in an office setting. There is nothing more annoying than tucking in a freshly ironed button-down shirt, only to sit down and have it untuck itself; then you have to fidget with it, and keep tucking it in, and you end up all messy. Sloppy is not OK (once again, I feel the need to bring up Kesha. Just saying).

Enter the button-down onesie (insert dramatic music here).

Never in my life have I found an item that is such a complete solution to a pestering problem. The button-down onesie should win the Nobel Peace Prize for solving issues of all woman-kind, it's that good. And, it's tzniut*. Win!
(* Buttons may need to be added for those who prefer higher neck coverage, although a camisole underneath is not against the rules)

Basically, as seen below, the button-down onesie is a button down shirt that hits at the hips; starting from the hips down however, you have plain white cotton material that meet with clasps to form a bodysuit. If you listen closely, there are angels singing some where in the background, because now when you sit down, your shirt won't ride up, and you won't be constantly adjusting your shirt and skirt. The best part is, no one ever has to know! (Unless you're having some sort of affair with your boss, in which case NOT KOSHER! No one else should be unbuttoning your onesie but you, if you know what I mean?)

Click here to purchase. It comes in black too. (Ridiculously gorgeous model not included)

Now, while I am well aware we don't all look like my friend* Alesandra Ambrosia over here, there is no denying the powers this shirt yields. Plus, the professional appearance alone just screams 'promotion'! I think, if we incorporate a little more button-down and a little less 'blah shirt', the office will be a much happier place. Not to mention, this totally transitions into a Shabbat top.  Now you can wear that cute skirt for the chagim with a nice, crisp, non-untucked button-down shirt.
(*I'm not really friends with Alesandra, but if anyone knows her, feel free to introduce me to to her.)

I say, bring out the inner child in you, and embrace that onesie! I also say, bring out the inner Alesandra in you, because the next best thing to being a pampered baby is being a pampered supermodel.


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