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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

My Guru

Friends. Readers. Admirers. 

Behold---this woman is the secret to my success, and the success of all frum, tzniut women the world over.

I have no words to sum up my feelings for this gem of a woman and her thoughts, other than to say that Miami truly is a fabulous continent. Truly.

I wonder if that turban is from Urban Outfitters--they are very in this Spring. May you all be zocheh to be as tzniut and fabulous as this remarkable woman.
Mamish, keep it real.

UPDATE: It is just an impression, but DEAD ON. SO impressed!

(Props to Michael S. for this treasure. Thank you!)


  1. love it!! She totally inspired me to go and find myself a nice 'Schwimmkleid' :)


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