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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Spring Forward!

I have a confession to make to you all.

So, as you are all very much aware, the weather in New York has been beyond miserable this Winter. (P.S. I am blaming Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt for these weather catastrophes all over the world; I think God is still punishing us for their sins. Just saying.) Because of this gloomy, yucky, weather, I have been forced to wear outfits that are mostly black and contain almost no color whatsoever. I am a bona fide frummie.

Eek! Fear not though, because I am still donning my sky-high heels; but alas, I have been wearing the typical frummie uniform for far too many weeks now, and I need color back in my life!

There are two ways to rectify this most depressing of situations; first, Spring needs to come A.S.A.P. Second, I need to go shopping.

Since there are just 13 glorious days and counting till that most auspicious vernal equinox, I have decided to soak up what little New York sun there is by perusing my favorite stores for some bright colored, hot ticket items that will make the birds chirp, the bees buzz and any other Spring/Summer idiom I can muster up. Somebody get me a floral print, stat!

Embellished Tunic
Start off with something soft. Literally, what is softer than silk, and this blouse has just the right punch for spring and is perfect for the office. Pair with a cardigan if those sleeves are not long enough for you

If this skirt doesn't hit your tznius little knee, I don't know what will!

I own it. I live in it. I love it.

Crocheted knits are HUGE this Spring. Check out this sweater out!

You know very well how I feel about cardigans, so then my love for this next item should be as clear to you as a Spring day without rain.

I am going to purchase this shirt the second I get out of work. Love, love, love.
Go for a splash of color with this fabulous dress. Slip a black blazer over the dress for the office and cardigan for your weekends.

Romance and ruffles are the perfect accents for a spring fling!

Hello, affordable and adorable.

Polish off any outfit with a waist-cincher that is sure to catch an eye or two.

So, are you all ready for spring? Take a cue or two from here and try to incorporate soft colors, fabrics and textures into your spring clothing. Don't be afraid of florals, and remember that those winter blues (and blacks!) are meant for the winter only.


  1. I'm coming to NY for a couple of days and staying on the UWS. Are there any stores that I simply must scavenge before I leave?

  2. That's so exciting! Enjoy your trip! Most of those big time stores I post items from are mainstream and can be found anywhere, but I would be sure to hit some major sales while you're here. I think LOFT is having a crazy 40% off sale in store. There are a few shops in the 70s that are must-sees but I honestly forget their names--I think one is called Liana or something like that. For more affordable pieces, I would stick to the bigger name chain stores


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