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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

An Open Letter To John Galliano

Dear John Galliano,

I am sad.

It's not because your Dior Spring 2011 line was a fashionable bomb; it is not because your fashionable clothes are severely overpriced; it is not because you are fashionably rich and famous. I am sad because you are the opposite of everything a fashionable person should be.

If there is one thing I preach on this blog, it's to embrace who you are--just do it in style.

And yet, you, Mr. Galliano, the leader of an empire in it's own respect  and a massively public figure, have the audacity to preach hatred. You, who comes from an industry that has to fight for respect and equality for all its members from the top designers, down to the last seamstress. How many of your employees are minorities? How many of your clients are minorities? And yet anyone who YOU deem "ugly" is not worth existence. Gas us Jews, you said? Gosh, If anything is "ugly" here, it's you and your words; by your standards, that would deem you worthy of those gas chambers that murdered my family.

Hitler was a public figure, too, you know? He was the leader of his own powerhouse, and so I guess that's why you must love him. You must feel kindred to his bigoted ways solely for one reason--you are in a position of power....well, you were. Now that your title has been stripped, and you have been dethroned from the mantle of the Dior fashion house, how does it feel to know that your power meant absolutely nothing without the compassion of humanity? Yes, you may know all the proportions of the human body, and you may know how to dress the human body, but you certainly lack the knowledge of a human soul. 

Evil crumbles eventually. Styles and trends come and go in fashion--that's just how this business works. Bigotry, racism, hatred and intolerance are sooo 1945, which means you are severely out of style. Talk about a [fashion] crime.

Dior is a brand name, a label--wear it, and you instantly give yourself a status.  

Jew is also a label, and apparently that invokes a certain status as well, one in which you have found unworthy of even existing. 

I can wear my label of Jew proudly , but can you, Mr. John Galliano, be proud of the labels you've just been branded--'bigot' and 'racist'. At the end of the day, the labels we wear define us--call me a cheap Jew, but I would rather be a Jew in poor man's clothes than a bigot draped in Dior.



  1. Great letter, Debbie. I hope it finds its way to its addressee.
    I can't believe there still are people in this world THAT bigoted, but Mr. Galliano has certainly proven me wrong.

    Again, well done on the eloquence of the letter.

  2. wow strong letter. very good Deb! when can we drop it off at the f##cker?

  3. Inspired. Your letter rings so true.

    And as for his Spring 2011 Collection.
    A vibrant punk trend? No. It's just garish.
    Patchwork cargo denim shorts? Definitely not. It's trashy. That article of clothing alone is the very definition of a fashion faux pas.


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