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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Modest Hollywood

Ok, dear readers! I know it has been a while so prepare for a little Modest Hollywood overload, although I cannot guarantee that this edition holds much in the way of awesome fashion. Sure it's modest, but you will have to sift a bit to find a celebrity among this group who you would want to rip their clothes off their back and strut down the street in.But judge for yourself, please.

Apparently spring time brings out a bit of the laziness in our celebs. Proceed with caution, and dress in layers ONLY if you are an Olsen sister.

Rachel Bilson
Same skirt. Same hat. Someone has a signature airport style. (See Ashley Olsen below)
Jaimie King
Hmmm....At least she has pretty face to distract you from that bling.
Jennier Hudson
Good. For. Her!
Kiera Knightly
Denim jackets are back in? When did this happen??
Diana Agron, Amber Riley & Lea Michelle
These ladies can do NO wrong. Love, love, love and love.
Anna Kendricks
Lake Bell
This outfit is a bit too fall formy liking, but the colors are fabulous. I like your name, Lake.
Eva Mendes
Um, hi. Awesome.
Ashley Olsen
Same skirt. Same shoes. Same bag. Same glasses. Same hairstyle. These pictures were taken almost two weeks apart. I LIKE a celeb who actually wears her clothes, but I am slightly confused by this whole layering-over-sized-items thing.
Sophia Bush
Effortless and perfectly pretty for the spring.
Beyonce Knowles
She's Beyonce, so I don't have a comment, other than I like your dress.
Kate Hudson
Preggers in head-to-toe white. Only a celebrity like Kate Hudson would dare.
Jessica Alba
Scratch that. Only celebrities like Kate Hudson and Jessica Alba would dare. White and pregnant. It's a trend.
Diane Kruger
A bit matronly, but I wouldn't say no to that dress. I've seen worse.
Naomi Watts
Hmmm. I'll comeback to this one later. (Actually, no I won't. It's not an especially nice dress, Naomi. You can do better.)
Katherine Heigel
I thought you're not supposed to dress like a 75 year-old until you're actually 75, Katherine? Her style has been SO weird lately. And Western.Such a shame she shares the same name as the new Princess.
Rosie Huntington-Whitely
Nice boots.
January Jones
Jessica and Kate...January would like to join your club.
Odette Annabelle (nee Yustman)
Too adorable. She looks like every Jewish girl at the Israeli Day Parade. Am I right, or am I right? I'm right.
Camilla Alves
Now that's an outfit.
Uma Thurman
At least she's not pregnant.

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