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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Royal Wedding Replicas and Recreations

I hate to use the word knock-off, but that is essentially what this is. And I'm OK with that! A.B.S. by Allen Schwartz was the first designer to have his Kate and Pippa imitations ready for public consumption, and now you can buy them here for ridiculously low prices.

I won't say that the mock Royal Wedding gown is a perfect replica, but it is a great dress if that's the style you're looking for. And DAY-UM (read: damn), that Pippa dress is spot on and smoking hot! And the mock evening dress is fabulous too--classy and pretty and cheap. Just how like it!

Check them out below or click the link above to get all royal wedding goods!

I am going to have to purchase this last gown. For 350 bucks, I cannot say no! I bet the Princess and her sister couldn't use coupons on their dresses--oh snap!

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