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Friday, May 27, 2011

Modest Hollywood

It seems that summer has brought on a wave of a not so summery trend--Modesty! Check out all these (mostly) fabulous ladies sporting the covered up trend, and celebrate this memorial day and segue into summer with hot fashions courtesy of our celeb friends

Katie Holmes
She's so tame and pretty again.
Sarah Jessica Parker
That second outfit is on my to buy list. LOVE
Penelope Cruz
Ellen Pompeo/Jennifer Lopez
Same dress! You tell me who wore it better.
Elizabeth Olsen
Oh, she is just adorable. And so much taller than her sisters.
Cheryl Cole
Totally adorable. Drop that hem, Cher, and your aces.
Bar Rafaeli
Jew girls rock.
Vanessa Hudgens
She has had a habit of being weird in the clothing department aas of late, but this makes  me happy. Good job V.
Sarah Michelle Gellar
Being that this is my hero since I am bat-mitzvah age, I will only bow down in submission to this outfit. Simple but splendid. Yea Buffster.
Janet Jackson
Sure, why not. 
Emma Watson
Super frum...and loving it.
Dita Von Teese
Lilly Allen 
Pippa Middleton
Pip, pip hooray! -Kurt
Rose Byrne
I want this dress.

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