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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Neon Lights

So long before it was a trend or even remotely cool to be getting neon manicures, I was shocking my father, mother, and every baby-boomer west of NYC with my ridiculously bright nails. I've been doing it for years to the dismay of the older generation who told me I had a fungus growing on my nails--but suddenly it's popular so I am going to have to stick my tongue out at everybody and say na-na-na-na-kish-kish.

But it appears that his neon trend has forayed into the fashion world as well and I LOVE it. You all can recall Brooklyn Decker's stellar Michael Kors dress to the Met Ball. Here's a reminder:

My ridiculous obsession and must-have/just-bought for the season is the Kate Spade Gold Coast Robin bag in neon pink. I am also ridiculously obsessed with the Essex Scout bag which comes in yellow and orange too, as well as some neutrals (see below with Bryce Dallas Hwoard):

So what will be your neon obsession this season? Well I have put together a list of some pretty awesome neon brights to light up your day and your season. Explore and go crazy, and then proceed to stick out your tongues at everybody who who condemns color!

Well, if I didn't just completely blind you, I hope you embrace the hint of 80's that this trend brings and  sport some true and tried neon. See you (from a mile away) later.

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