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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Modest Hollywood

Katie Holmes
Wow Kitty Kate, that's a bit fancy-shmancy, no? If that's what you go out in to get ice cream though, then I am severely underdressed for carvel. Still nice though!
January Jones
I see London, I see France, I see January's...oops! That's not kosher. 
Drew Barrymore
Thanks for growing out of your awkward years (circa "Never Been Kissed"), Drew.
 Olivia Munn
Every Jewess girl's dream outfit. 
 Devon Akoi
Nice baby bump, nice dress, nice hair. All in all..nice.
Katy Perry
I didn't think it was possible to be kooky and frum. She's even wearing a sheitel
 Hailee Steinfeld
She's only 15! Flawless.
Jessica Alba
Too cute! Effortless and comfy--key for spring. 
Sienna Miller
Classy lady. 
 Anna Paquin
Ever the frummie.
Alicia Silverstone
LOVE! Preggers perfection. 

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Time To Give Back...and Shop!

Enjoy 30% off from March 17-20 at Gap, Banana Republic and Old Navy and 5% of  the proceeds are donated to a non-profit.

You know I'm a huge fan of altruism, as am I a huge fan of shopping. Combing the two gives me a deep sense of satisfaction, and so I encourage you to print this coupon and take it your nearest Gap, Old Navy or Banana republic and buy that Spring dress you have been wanting so badly.

As I always have, I selected the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) as my charity; animals are as important to me as fashion and anything I can do to help makes a difference (fyi--I don't wear fur).

So print out this coupon from the link above or here, and save a tiger. Or an emu. Or an armadillo. Whatever floats your boat--just do it in style.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

My Guru

Friends. Readers. Admirers. 

Behold---this woman is the secret to my success, and the success of all frum, tzniut women the world over.

I have no words to sum up my feelings for this gem of a woman and her thoughts, other than to say that Miami truly is a fabulous continent. Truly.

I wonder if that turban is from Urban Outfitters--they are very in this Spring. May you all be zocheh to be as tzniut and fabulous as this remarkable woman.
Mamish, keep it real.

UPDATE: It is just an impression, but DEAD ON. SO impressed!

(Props to Michael S. for this treasure. Thank you!)

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Spring Forward!

I have a confession to make to you all.

So, as you are all very much aware, the weather in New York has been beyond miserable this Winter. (P.S. I am blaming Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt for these weather catastrophes all over the world; I think God is still punishing us for their sins. Just saying.) Because of this gloomy, yucky, weather, I have been forced to wear outfits that are mostly black and contain almost no color whatsoever. I am a bona fide frummie.

Eek! Fear not though, because I am still donning my sky-high heels; but alas, I have been wearing the typical frummie uniform for far too many weeks now, and I need color back in my life!

There are two ways to rectify this most depressing of situations; first, Spring needs to come A.S.A.P. Second, I need to go shopping.

Since there are just 13 glorious days and counting till that most auspicious vernal equinox, I have decided to soak up what little New York sun there is by perusing my favorite stores for some bright colored, hot ticket items that will make the birds chirp, the bees buzz and any other Spring/Summer idiom I can muster up. Somebody get me a floral print, stat!

Embellished Tunic
Start off with something soft. Literally, what is softer than silk, and this blouse has just the right punch for spring and is perfect for the office. Pair with a cardigan if those sleeves are not long enough for you

If this skirt doesn't hit your tznius little knee, I don't know what will!

I own it. I live in it. I love it.

Crocheted knits are HUGE this Spring. Check out this sweater out!

You know very well how I feel about cardigans, so then my love for this next item should be as clear to you as a Spring day without rain.

I am going to purchase this shirt the second I get out of work. Love, love, love.
Go for a splash of color with this fabulous dress. Slip a black blazer over the dress for the office and cardigan for your weekends.

Romance and ruffles are the perfect accents for a spring fling!

Hello, affordable and adorable.

Polish off any outfit with a waist-cincher that is sure to catch an eye or two.

So, are you all ready for spring? Take a cue or two from here and try to incorporate soft colors, fabrics and textures into your spring clothing. Don't be afraid of florals, and remember that those winter blues (and blacks!) are meant for the winter only.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Life, Love, Libertine, and Honor. And then Some...

New shopping posts coming soon!
Stay tuned... 
For now, enjoy some more Fashion week fabulousness!
Lela Rose
Mandy Coon

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

An Open Letter To John Galliano

Dear John Galliano,

I am sad.

It's not because your Dior Spring 2011 line was a fashionable bomb; it is not because your fashionable clothes are severely overpriced; it is not because you are fashionably rich and famous. I am sad because you are the opposite of everything a fashionable person should be.

If there is one thing I preach on this blog, it's to embrace who you are--just do it in style.

And yet, you, Mr. Galliano, the leader of an empire in it's own respect  and a massively public figure, have the audacity to preach hatred. You, who comes from an industry that has to fight for respect and equality for all its members from the top designers, down to the last seamstress. How many of your employees are minorities? How many of your clients are minorities? And yet anyone who YOU deem "ugly" is not worth existence. Gas us Jews, you said? Gosh, If anything is "ugly" here, it's you and your words; by your standards, that would deem you worthy of those gas chambers that murdered my family.

Hitler was a public figure, too, you know? He was the leader of his own powerhouse, and so I guess that's why you must love him. You must feel kindred to his bigoted ways solely for one reason--you are in a position of power....well, you were. Now that your title has been stripped, and you have been dethroned from the mantle of the Dior fashion house, how does it feel to know that your power meant absolutely nothing without the compassion of humanity? Yes, you may know all the proportions of the human body, and you may know how to dress the human body, but you certainly lack the knowledge of a human soul. 

Evil crumbles eventually. Styles and trends come and go in fashion--that's just how this business works. Bigotry, racism, hatred and intolerance are sooo 1945, which means you are severely out of style. Talk about a [fashion] crime.

Dior is a brand name, a label--wear it, and you instantly give yourself a status.  

Jew is also a label, and apparently that invokes a certain status as well, one in which you have found unworthy of even existing. 

I can wear my label of Jew proudly , but can you, Mr. John Galliano, be proud of the labels you've just been branded--'bigot' and 'racist'. At the end of the day, the labels we wear define us--call me a cheap Jew, but I would rather be a Jew in poor man's clothes than a bigot draped in Dior.

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