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Friday, June 1, 2012

Fashion Craving

Wowzers. It's been FOREVER since I have done a Fashion Craving post. I guess I haven't wanted something that badly as much as I want these two pairs of shoes. One is the Lori from Kate Spade, and the other is the Glitter by Michael Kors. I feel 100% secure when I tell you that upon seeing these pairs of shoes there was a significant amount of drool. I just don't know which one to choose! Both are obviously the "perfect" shoe, and the Michael Kors shoe is way more wallet-friendly, but I want them both. Both have the perfect round toes, the nice heel height, the respectable platform (if at all), and essential colors; I like the heel shape on the Kors pump a bit better, but I love and adore the Kate Spade one too. Advice and help would be more than welcome!
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  1. the fact that the platform is not as noticeable on the Kors, makes them more of a conservative heel than the Kate Spade's.. in my opinion! i love love the Lori, especially the nude one, but you can probably do more web searching to find very similar ones for cheaper so you get the lori look & the glitter price! gooood luck!


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