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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Correct Me If I'm Wrong, But...

...Lana Del Ray is looking mighty frum here. I mean, we're talking Upstate-In-Monroe/I-Jog-In-A-MooMoo/Yes-That's-My-Fake-Hair-Peeking-Out-From-An-Overly-Decorated-Scarf frum. Don't tell me you are not getting the double head covering vibe here?? Aside from that slit, Lana has all the trappings of a an uber-frum Kiryas Joel mama. Discuss.
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Lana Del Ray
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  1. I totally love Lana DelRays Style, shes awesome! but this is totally Williamsburg Chassidim gone chic, lol!

  2. Well, I think she would need to fill in the neckline too :)


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