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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Delightful Item of the Day

Looking for something ridiculously awesome to snazzify that lackluster spring wardrobe of yours? Behold this dress from Anthropologie. Now, I am aware that this dress is probably a little less modest for some of my readers but I know there are a quite a few out there that would meet the happy medium of modesty this dress offers. Keep in mind that you can cover this look up with a cardigan if necessary, so this dress is versatile for those not willing to show this much of their arms or back.  It goes up to a size 14, so it really embraces a ranges of women; it's got a flattering fit, and that print is perfection. The wide neckline is especially flattering for highlighting your stunning face. So, prepare to be the prettiest girl in the room in this utterly delightful dress.
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