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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Pretty Item of the Day

This dress. Woah. I have never heard of this site or this retailer but this dress is stunning in every way shape and form. It goes from a size XS-XL so this should be fit-friendly to women of most sizes and the color is perfect for Spring. This color is called apricot which should compliment most skin tones, so points for that. I wouldn't wear this to a wedding because it's close enough to white, and you should never wear white to a wedding at risk of upstaging the bride, but feel free to purchase this fabulous dress for your Passover wardrobe. That's right, Passover is pretty much tomorrow, so time to get started on that spring wardrobe!
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  1. where can I buy this dress??

    email me:

    1. It appears to be sold out. The link to the dress is right above the picture.


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