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Thursday, July 18, 2013

HuffPost Live!

What a special night. I had the very fortunate opportunity to be part of a panel of women discussing modest fashion as a part of a Huffington Post Live segment, and it was thrilling! I was nervous as anything of course, and while I accidentally referred to Michelle Obama as the President (BRAIN FART!) it was largely a success. I highly suggest you watch it by clicking on the link about the picture below.

I started this blog just about three years ago and it has been a passion project for me and a really wonderful form of catharsis and expression. How lucky was I then, when I got an email from Nancy Redd of HuffPost Live to come on her show and talk about modesty with two other incredible women Elaine Hearn (@clothedmuch) and Sharon Hodde Miller (@shoddemiller). To be a part of such a an open dialogue with women of different religions, all of us boiling down to a common idea that we are WORTH something; we are special, we are valuable, we are more than just the clothes we wear. We are contributors to society, we are cornerstones of our faith, we are fabulous. We women are powerful indeed, and tonight was such a positive reinforcement of that. This was a truly thrilling and exciting experience if for that alone.

I am really excited to feature Sharon and Elaine on The OAK in the coming days and weeks, and I hope that this disucssion sheds light on the fact that modesty is not a fleeting trend but it is a mainstay pillar of fashion. Take a minute to follow these ladies on twitter and I look forward to introducing them to you soon! PS Take a look at Elaine's site Clothed Much. It's a feast for the modest eyes!
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