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Sunday, March 2, 2014

#Oscars2014: The Academy Awards Color Palette

There was almost NO color on the red carpet tonight when compared to years past. Still, what color there was tended to be safe to me. Nothing in the colored category really stood out to me as breathtaking, but I still loved quite a few, like Sandra Bullock and Jennifer Lawrence. But let's be honest-- June Squibb is the best looking woman on this red carpet. She is so perfect.  In fact, of all the colors that was most noticeably present, emerald green was the lady of the evening, and June totally stole it. 

Idina Menzel

Viola Davis

June Squibb

Louise Roe

Elsa Pataky

Sandra Bullock

Amy Adams

Jennifer Lawrence

Bette Midler

Olga Kurylenko

Ireland Baldwin

Kelly Ripa

Kerry Washington

Liza Minelli

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