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Sunday, March 2, 2014

#Oscars2014: Best Dressed and Worst Dressed

Here it is. The OAK's best and worst dressed list of the Academy Awards. This is the Super Bowl of red carpet fashion and this is the list that will not hold back. I will have you know that this was the hardest best/worst dressed list I have ever made, mostly because everyone felt kind of "safe". I wasn't particularly wowed by the fashion this year and there were very few standouts to me. Many women certainly looked pretty, but just pretty; there was a very small list of people who got it absolutely hideously wrong-- I think everyone was just fine and there were just a bunch of "meh" looks.

You may not agree with all my choices, but trust me-- I'm a professional (False: I am not actually a professional. I don't get paid for this whatsoever). As per usual, there is no particular order to the list below other than best goes first and worst goes at the bottom...where it belongs.


Cate Blanchett
Be still my fashionista heart. The most beautiful piece of clothing to walk down the red carpet this evening was this gown. This is not just a dress, not just a hair style, this is not just make up and not just jewels-- this is a moment. It's classic and perfect in every single way. 

Lupita Nyong'o
She's been one of my favorites all season and tonight she was the princess of the ball.She took pastel blue, which has basically not been in style since Baby-G watches were around, and she rocked it. I would have liked to see more jewelry on that neckline, but this still resonates as a classic gown in Oscar history. 

Charlize Theron
This was one of the sexiest gowns and one of the sexiest women on the red carpet. Now, since I have blonde hair like Charlize, that basically puts us in the same category of woman. We're basically the same person. Then again, I'm sitting in my childhood bedroom in my parents' house writing this post, so I guess we see who really won in life.  

Sandra Bullock
The best in Old Hollywood glamour on the carpet. It's pretty safe in my opinion but of all the safe dresses, this was simply stunning. 

Honorable best dressed mentions go to: 
Julia Roberts, Jennifer Garner, Jennifer Lawrence and Naomi Watts


Olga Kurylenko
What the hell is this other than the worst dress on the red carpet? Worst dressed ever made, perhaps? This is the perfect example of someone who should not have been allowed out in public without looking in a mirror first. Who is going to shoulder the responsibility for this dress? (Saw what I did there with that shoulder pun?) Since it's already ripped does someone wanna finish the job? 

Liza Minelli
Let's be honest-- what did we all really expect from her anyway. I don't even know how to comment on this. She looks like she's in a ski jumper uniform in the Olympics representing some nondescript country in Europe. 

Amy Adams
I will get slammed for this by most of America but I hated this look so much. She's worn this dress a thousand times, and it's just so BLAH. I don't care that it's classic-- it's safe and it was a bomb to me. Plus she has boob umbrellas; I mean, I know it was raining in LA today, but breasts should not need their own umbrellas. 

Viola Davis
The award for best older woman wearing a bridesmaid dress on the red carpet goes to this woman. This woman could have stepped it up big time, so I'll just sit here and scratch my head wondering why this happened. 


  1. You don't think Cate Blanchett's dress makes her look like she has an awful skin condition and her skin is beginning to flake off in large scaly pieces?

    1. Hmmm-- I can see why you may think that but I suppose it's totally subjective. I think it's really truly beautiful!


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