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Monday, March 3, 2014

#Oscars2014: What They SHOULD Have Worn: Amy Adams, Sandra Bullock, and Jennifer Lawrence

I was so underwhelmed by last night's Oscar fashion and I couldn't help but be disappointed by the choices the women selected. So, I took it upon myself to become their woulda-coulda-shoulda stylist and I prescribed three dresses that each nominee SHOULD have worn.

Amy Adams

What she wore: Blue Gucci Gown
Why it didn't work: I shouldn't say that this gown didn't work-- it totally did. It just was so BLAH and so unexciting.
What she should have worn: Amy's porcelain skin and fiery hair would have set off the gold in these dresses so perfectly. Being that she was nominated for best actress and she was the only woman in her category who had never won, Amy should have dressed like she was golden. I thought that while she looked beautiful, she just fell fla, and these gowns would have taken her to the caliber of her nomination. 

Zuhair Murad

Badgley Mischka

Badgley Mischka


Sandra Bullock

What she wore: Blue Alexander McQueen
Why it didn't work: Like Amy, this gown totally worked as well, and while it made my best dressed list, it was not a true Sandra moment. I feel like we have all seen this too many times before.
What she should have worn: Every single one of the dresses below exhibit way way way more drama than what Sandy wore last night and could made for a truly glamorous and modern but classy look. She could have killed that Pamela Rolland gown and been the best dressed of the night.

Pamela Rolland


Oscar de la Renta


Jennifer Lawrence

What she wore: Red Dior Gown
Why it didn't work: Sigh. Once again, this was just safe. Jennifer has had such go-big-or-go-home moments int he past and this was kind of generic and forgettable.
What she should have worn: I chose one Dior dress (obviously) in the ones below, and I loved the tea length look (tripping issues and all that jazz). But if she were to ever stray, I would have chosen the other two gowns for her as well. J-Law thrives on being dramatic, and she could really have taken the night to new heights (and widths) with any of the gowns below.

Elie Saab

Christian Dior

Oscar de la Renta

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