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Thursday, December 11, 2014

So You Wanna Dress Like a Princess

She came. She saw. She conquered. Sure, she looked a little miffed while doing it all-- it didn't seem like Kate was particularly excited to be in New York (can we blame her-- #FiveMonthsPregnant), but she rose to the fanfare nonetheless, and she looked fabulous doing it. That's why we love her so much. And by we, I clearly mean me. It's an unhealthy obsession.

Speaking of looking fabulous, I know you loved Kate Middleton's LBD she wore her first night here. You know, the lace black dress she wore to the snazzy British dinner. Well, you may not be able to afford a Princess's wardrobe, but nobody said you can't copy it, and copy it you shall. You're welcome.

This dress from ASOS captures almost all of the elements of Kate's Beulah London dress, only it's a fraction of the price (under $100!)-- and slightly longer too! With free shipping both ways, how can you not try this one on. It's the perfect little dress for that special occasion, or for a random dinner with your Prince and a bunch of rich people in New York. Take your pick. Watch this dress on the runway in the link below to get a true idea of how fabulous this dress is and you'll see just how much like a Princess you can look.

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