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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

That Time I Saw Will and Kate

I'm about to tell you a series of true stories about a night of fairytales for this New York lady.

True story-- I was just at the Met. I just saw Prince William and Kate Middleton. I stood in the freezing cold for almost an hour, but tonight a dream came true.

True story-- I got a stellar spot right in front of the famous stairs of the Metropolitan Museum of Art. William came out of the car first on the spectator side of the street. He waved, I died. So the story goes. Kate got out on the other side, so at first my view was obstructed by the ridiculous convoy they have, but it wasn't long until I saw the beauty that is the Duchess of Cambridge in all her Jenny Packham adorned glory. She is nothing short of fabulous. And tall. Really tall. The Duke and Duchess turned around to smile and wave to the crowd. It was incredible.

True story-- the woman standing next to me and I were talking very excitedly about the arrival of the Duke and Duchess, and I told her about this here blog I have. She asked me what I think Kate would be wearing and I told her it would hands down be Jenny Packham. I win.

True story-- I was interview by the news about royal spectating. Fox 5 people. That story will never get old to me.

One last true story-- Kate and Will ascended the steps of the legendary Metropolitan Museum of Art. They were greeted by a guard of St. Andrews students adorned in red robes to welcome them to the 600th anniversary dinner and fundraiser for the University. A hush came over the crowd as the two royals greeted their welcoming party and everyone was watching the two in awe when suddenly, in my most Brooklyn-y accent ever, I screamed at the top of my lungs WE LOVE YOU KATE! I was told she heard me loud and clear. I may officially be the most un-British, crass American ever, but Kate heard me. Life=complete.

Tonight became a memory that I will be able to tell my kids, a time that I can say I saw the Prince and Princess. It's not the typical fairytale-- no, Kate is living that dream, but tonight was just a little slice of fairytale for me and it's certainly something I will never forget.

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