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Sunday, January 11, 2015

Golden Globes 2015: The Best and Worst Dressed!

Ladies and ladies (and maybe some gentlemen), allow me to present to you my first best and worst dressed list of 2015! The Golden Globes tends to set the stage (pardon the pun) for all the award season's most glamorous fashion, so it's no surprise that this list had plenty to choose from. There were many women I actually wanted on this Best Dressed list, but these precious few made my cut (although there are quite a few honorable mentions).

As for the Worst Dressed list, I think you'll find that most of my picks were on point. See for yourself.

In no particular order, my best and worst lists are as follows


This look is not only classic and glamorous, it flipping stunning. This look is purely feminine gunmetal-- I mean, those two words don't actually belong together in a sentence, let alone in a dress, but Reese made it happen. 

This is probably the best looking Why-Did-She-Wear-That look that ever was, ever. It's truly flawless and I cannot find one thing wrong with it. I love this look from head to pant.

Well if this isn't classic and stunning, I don't know what is. The make-up is a touch vampy, but hey, she was just Peter Pan. She needed to grow up.

One of my favorite looks of the night, hands down. This hot mama looks so elegant and classy, but still young and contemporary.

The only lady of the night to really wear this color and I adored it. She looked chic, modern and clean, and managed to pull off the simple gown with spectacular flair.

HONORABLE MENTIONS: Julianne Moore, Salma Hayek, Naomi Watts, Helen Mirren, Viola Davis, and Greer Grammar


Being pregnant is no excuse for walking out in public in your future babies' christening outfit and bib. I mean, if Kiera were to eat a jar of mashed sweet potatoes or green beans, she would be safe in knowing that that horrendous bib of a collar would catch the extra. Oh, and there are butterflies. NO. 

So, apparently his fabulous human being went shopping at Macy's for the Golden Globes. This is pretty much the most confused and tragic looking dress that Adrianna Papell will ever knock off.

Well, if anyone was looking for a dress that resembled a subway map, look no further. This is the most unflattering cut, color, and combination of hues. Who made this? Stop making it now. 

Yikes. Someone forgot to put the hole in Felicity's keyhole. This is too much dress in too heavy a material. Stop smiling Felicity, you look like you're drowning in your sea colored dress.

WHAT IS THIS. She looks like Arial, The Little Mermaid. And that's not a compliment in this case. 

HONORABLE MENTIONS: Jemima Kirke, Jennifer Lopez, Edie Falco and Laura Prepon

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