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Monday, September 13, 2010

Lost In Translation?

Not so much, because you have ME! With all these posts about tzniut and modest clothing at fashion week, you are probably wondering how to translate the fashions you've seen from the runway to the office, or to shul, or to your everyday wardrobe.

You have to remember that the runway is a show! Victoria Beckham is not coming to sit in the front row to watch a black sweater come down the runway; no, she wants drama; she wants excitement; she wants thrills; she wants to understand how that model is walking in 5 inch heels while her tushy is hanging out of what is supposed to be a skirt. Oh, no, wait, that's me.

In fact, these runway shows are where we lame people (aka not filthy rich celebrities that don't fit into sample sizes) are supposed to pick up the trends of the season. Look for key colors, cuts, and fabrics, for example, and translate them into your wardrobe (not all at once though!). Here are a bunch of fashions from Fall 2010 Fashion Week (which was held this past Spring--confusing, I know).

This daring Red Velvet Dress is from Zac Posen's Fall 2010 Collection.

As exquisite as this dress is, unless you are REALLY secure in wearing this number, you probably want to just borrow the velvet idea, and incorporate it into something a bit more conservative, like this top from Urban Outfitters, which would look great with a cardigan over it.

Urban Renewal Curatorial Burnout Velvet Crop Tank, Urban Outfitters, $48.00

Grays are also really huge this fall, as well as longer cut skirts, (yay for us frummies!), fuller skirts, and heavier fabrics, like tweed!

These looks from Marc Jacobs' Fall 2010 collection should be relatively easy for you gals to pull off. 

The drama from these runway pieces come in the monochromatic look of it all; try breaking up your grays with some color, and look at a few of these pieces which incorporate a lot of the above.

Ruffle Trim Cardigan, Forever21, $15.80 (Buy me!)

BCBG MaxAzria Ponte A-Line Skirt, Lord & Taylor, $118 (Buy me!)
PERFECT (and adorable).

Women's Tie-Front Dress, Old Navy, $29.50 (Buy me!)

Dried Leaves Dress, Anthropologie, $158 (Buy me!)

Kenneth Cole Reaction Belted Coat, Macys, $189 (on sale!) (Buy me!)
This is for that fuller look. And the color...omfg, girls.
So, I hope you get the idea. I will do my best to point out some trends along the way. Till then, you'll have to settle for pretending you're a model! Come on, don't try and fool me--I know you catwalk in your room ALL the time. You go girl! 


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