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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Modest Hollywood

Fashion Week

I get positively giddy at fashion week, and this season especially so. Why you ask? Because of all the modest clothing, of course! Here's a look at some of the designers who are being Modest Miri at the NYC Mercedes Benz fashion week. Ladies, take note--these models strutted it on the runway, but feel free to take what you like and work it in your own wardrobe. (Note: these are just the wholly tzniut looks--for the most part--but be on the lookout at Fashion Week for chic blazers, cute cardigans, and essential skirts that will make or break your outfit.)

Cynthia Rowley

Prabal Gurung

Jason Wu (my fav!)

Vena Cava

There's more where this came from--that's why they call it Fahion Week--so check back so we can all ogle over outrageously priced items on really skinny girls that make us feel inadequate, k? 


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