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Tuesday, September 7, 2010


You are probably wondering why I am writing about an office and school supplies store. Well, I'm not. I'm actually writing to you about the must-haves every (frum) working girl should have in her closet. Being that today is the offical first day back to school for America, consider this your (wardrobe) supply list. This feature will revolve around the key pieces you should ALWAYS have in your wardrobe. Times will pass, trends will come and go, but these pieces will not. Since I am your better pay attention.

Today's staple is the pencil skirt (which funnily enough, pencils are sold at Staples stores, so I guess I'm not that far off. Go me). One word, ladies: essential. I know I talk about it a lot, but the pencil skirt is such an important article of clothing, and it's extremely easy to find. It's not bound to any one season which makes it even more indispensable. It's totally easy to look professional and tzniut in a pencil skirt; not to mention it makes you look slim, and it accentuates some of your better "ass-ets" (oops, not very kosher!)... I mean assets (wink, wink).

Pair it with a rigid button-down like Jessica Alba did below for a crisp office look.

Tuck a flowy blouse into your pencil skirt or drape a heavier sweater over it for a more feminine look on a conservative piece like these celebs did.

Here are a few options for you:

This  black gap pencil skirt is easy on the wallet and has a larger hem at the baseline incase you want it altered for more knee coverage (fear not, frummies, I got ya backs!)
Click here to see an entire selection of pencil skirts in different styles and colors from Banana Republic. Banana is excellent for office wear, and there were too many of their fabulous pencil skirts to post, so just scroll down until you see the pencil section.

So, frummies everywhere, I hope you paid attention to this lesson on the first day back to school. Don't forget to get your pencil skirts, because I will be checking. All good teachers do.

That was easy


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