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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Pretty For Passover--Florals

Passover. I know it may seem like an ugly word, what with all the baggage that comes with it--endless cooking, meticulous cleaning, and the 6 letter word that brings fear to small intestines the world over...matzah

Well, at least there is one thing that is bright and sunny about this holiday--the fashion! It's that time of year to go out and buy all the pretty spring pieces your heart desires. While I am sure most of you have already purchased your upcoming Passover outfits, I have concocted a few lists of some last-minute must haves that would be great for Passover and beyond. The next few posts will be all about pretty for Passover!

This list focuses on florals. Florals are the most elegant and girly way to celebrate spring via your clothing, so feel free to go small or scream big with your floral prints. Just make it pretty!

Mad Men perfection for a modern day frummie. I approve.

You will certainly stand out in this bright frock, but feel free to work it. 

Definitely a bit more casual, but perfect for your walks in the park on a holiday afternoon to walk off the Passover pounds. Good luck

Subtle and classic, this skirt is the ultimate addition to your Passover wardrobe. It will match almost any top and shoe, so take this blank page and make it your own!

This dress is like a walking Botanic Garden. It's understated but loud at the same time and will look totally perfect for shul and work. Trust me...I'm a fashionista.

Perfect with a shirt underneath, or a light sweater over it, this tank is great for your holiday afternoons.

Being that this is the tallest model on earth, take with a grain of salt that this dress will hit your knee. Then proceed to buy and love this dress forever(21). Pun intended.I'm a dork.

Mix prints! Don't be afraid to mix this adorable skirt with a striped shirt. Just be wise about your choices when mixing prints. It could get tricky, but I have  unconditional faith in you, as did God in the Israelites when they crossed the sea--yes this is the EXACT same situation.

It's a bit plain, but that is exactly how this floral should be. A cute sandal and cardigan, and you're good to go. 

This adorable top comes in two fabulous colors and it only 16 dollars. I am ridiculously in love with it and want to make a beautiful garden with these tops. Perfect for work and Passover alike.

So, these are just some ideas and samples for you to work off of, but please remember that Passover is a spring holiday and therefore a time for your fashion sense to bloom. Take my adivce: smell the roses...and then wear them.

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