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Monday, April 11, 2011

Dress Me Up!

As spring slowly approaches (painfully slowly), dresses are the absolute must have for your office and weekend wardrobes. Aside from personally relying heavily on dresses--I hate having to wear a skirt and shirt--dresses have a certain class and sophistication all their own.

So please sit back and relax, and take in this top 5 6 list of dresses you must have for spring, all courtesy of one my favorite store, ASOS.

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Simple. Colorful (or nude). This dress is just two sleeves short of perfection, but add a nice blazer or cardigan and this lightweight frock is perfect for all springtime occasions. It's also only 53 dollars!

Fit and Flare Midi Dress
Sleeves--check! Knee length-check! Perfection-check! Nude dresses are so simple and elegant, especially for spring. Make sure this one makes an appearance at shul--it is just too pretty.

 ASOS SALON Chiffon Midi Dress
Greanted, it's short sleeves, so this one will need a topper, but the flowy-ness and rouching are fabulous and beautiful. Feel like the ultimate girly-girl in this dress, but don't say no to a stellar colored shoe. It will add the perfect pop for this perfect shabbat outfit.

ASOS Soft Skirt Midi Dress
This dress if grrreeeaaaatt for the office! It comes in both blue and white (yay Israel!), so this dress is the quintessential palette for any accessory. Pair it with almost any color blazer or sweater in the white, and the blue one is just as perfect with a navy blazer. Switch it up with a light cardigan for the weekends, and you are professionally set for spring.

ASOS Pleated Skirt Color Block Dress
I have shown you this dress before but it's so simple and lovely for spring and summer, so snatch this one up! Wear it as a jumper to work, or with a shirt underneath on the weekends. Done and done. You're welcome!

Pepe Jeans Silk Tribal Printed Dress
This one is a bit pricey, and may be short for you taller gals, but the tribal thing is SO hot right now. This one is definitely on my wish list, as it should be on yours.

So take heed, my dear fashionistas, and invest wisely in a dress-y wardrobe. I think you will find that slipping on a dress is the most comfortable way to go about your day. And when all else fails...stay in pajamas! Although your boss might not like that too much. 


  1. Great summer suggestions that are tznius and cute--I'll be adding a few of these to my wardrobe! Thanks!

  2. I love this!! i wish asos had more midi length dresses. i have TWO of the dresses above :)))) the pleated one and the chiffon one! i can wear both of them on sabbath - pleated one with cardi :)


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