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Monday, January 20, 2014

My Jennifer Lawrence Oscar Gown Prediction

J-Law, goddess of Hollywood that she is, is slightly on the predictable side when it comes to choosing gowns for award shows. Jennifer has been as loyal as a celebrity can be in the business in choosing to wear Dior to every single awards show. It's no surprise then that I think she will be wearing one of the following two looks.

To be completely honest I feel like she will go for the black one, but there is a small nudge in me that think she would go for the green. Either way, it's between these two Dior looks that have me thinking this will be J-Law's gown for the Oscars.

Will I be right? What do you think? Which one would you rather see her in for the Oscars?

Dior Haute Couture

Fast forward the video below to 11:20 to see these two looks walk the runway
And watch the whole video and see if you can spot all of Jeniffer Lawrence's already worn pieces from the Dior 2013 Autum Winter collection.

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